Rude People Rant:

Someone asked me recently what behavior I dislike most about people. This was exceptionally easy for me because I had just been complaining to my hubby a few days earlier about this very thing…. RUDE PEOPLE. I HATE rude people. If you’re just bitchy, that’s one thing. If you’re lazy, that’s fine with me but, in my opinion, there is just no excuse for being rude. Over the course of this blog, I’m certain I will have many posts about rude people. If this bothers you, I’ll warn you now not to read them. I feel compelled to point this out, right at the very beginning, as there will undoubtedly be countless rants from me alone (and I feel certain that Valeen will have her fair share as well).

So, if you are a rude person – STOP IT! Stop it right now! What the hell is wrong with you??? I will assume that most rude people know when they are being rude, so, for those rude people who are also half stupid, I will list a few examples so you will know…

A) I have forced myself to get out of my warm, comfy soft bed on a Saturday morning and drag myself to spin class. Yes, there are about a million things I would rather do but I come to spin class anyway. After my class, there is immediately another class in the same room and every freakin’ week some idgit (I probably made up this word but I like it and it is perfect in this context so I’m using it anyway so no smart comments, ‘kay?) storms into the class and starts getting their step and dumbell out for the next class before anyone from my class is hardly even off their bike. Do you want me to run you down with my spin-bike of evil? Are you trying to make me kill you? WHY can’t you wait until we exit the classroom and make room for your rude butt? Why do you feel compelled to rush into the room when we have heavy equipment in our hands? I say, you’re asking me to harm and/or maim you and if I break down one day and finally give in to these urges, you’ve brought it upon yourself, bucko!

B) People who talk on their cell phones at the table while in a nice restaurant. I included the world “nice” to describe the restaurant because if you’re in Waffle House, you could probably pick your nose and no one would give you a second glance. However, if I’m out and trying to have a nice dinner with my husband, I don’t want to hear your loud mouth talking on your cell phone. If you must talk on it, go to the lobby, outside, or the restroom. I know this is probably acceptable behavior to most people in this day and age but it still annoys me so I count people who do it in the total “rude people” column. Now, this does not mean you can never talk on your cell phone. A couple sentences or even a couple minutes is fine. But if you don’t have any friends who want to actually have dinner with you in person, don’t proceed to share your meal with them in voice only.

This is enough for now. My definition of “rude people” can be quite extensive so I will elaborate more as people piss me off.


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  1. When I was in college, I worked at the Wicker store and there was absolutely nothing worse than waiting on someone who is too important to hang up their cell phone while being served.

    Now, that I’m on the other side of the counter, there is absolutely nothing I hate worse than being in a retail store and the person at the cash is talking on the phone while ringing me up. OR they are busy talking to the other salesgirls while waiting on me.

  2. One of my pet rude people things is cashiers at grocery stores that don’t even look at you while they ring up your groceries. They’re too busy talking to the cashier next to them, drinking their water etc. Helloooo – I’m about to give you a great deal of my hard earned money and the least you could do is look at me and say acknowledge my existence. I worked as a cashier at a grocery store for 9 years a number of years ago and the first thing I always did was say hi to the shopper. And the ruder the shopper was – the friendlier I became. It was a challenge to get them to smile.

  3. Kristie and Valeen – I so totally agree with you. People don’t even feel compelled to speak to one another even while interacting sometimes. Rude!

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