Authors going hardcover


Why in the hell do authors switch from paperback to hardcover releases right in the middle of a series?

While reading my monthly newsletter from Sherrilyn Kenyon this morning I noticed that the latest Dark-Hunter novel is being released in hardcover. WTF?? Why?? The entire rest of the series has been released in paperback first. Now readers like me, who buy so many and can’t afford hardcovers – let alone have the space for them – will have to wait for it to come out in paperback or actually borrow it from the library if I can’t wait.

Not only do hardovers put serious damage in my bank account they also completely destory the lines of my bookshelves – yes, I’m that anal about them. There are many other authors who have released their books in hardcovers in the middle of collections … Jude Deveraux, Nora Roberts, Janet Evanovich, Sandra Brown.

Does anyone else wait for them to come out in paperback? Or do you buy whatever comes out first?


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  1. WHY do publishers allow this? I don’t want a collection that is half one way and half the other. I prefer the books in hardback so it really pisses me off when they switch them too. You can’t put a series together on your bookshelf and not have them match. It looks terrible. GGgggrrrrrr!

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