Lisa Kleypas It Happened One Autumn


2nd Book in the Wallflower Series

Lillian Bowman and Marcus Westcliff

Lillian Bowman is an American soap heiress dragged to England by her parents in hopes of catching an aristocrat husband. She’s bold and opinionated and thinks Society rules are quite ridiculous – which isn’t helping in the husband hunting department. Last fall, Lillian, her sister and two other ladies who were continually finding themselves sitting against the wall at all functions decided to become friends, call themselves Wallflowers and in order of birth find a husband for each of them. They succeeded in the previous book with Annabelle and it is now Lillians turn.

Marcus Westcliff hasn’t had the easiest life – he’s father was a domineering bastard (not in the literal sense though) who showed no signs of softness towards his children and expected absolute perfection from Marcus. And Marcus himself understands he must marry but intends to find someone he can easily control, quiet and the perfect society wife.

Although I didn’t enjoy the first book in this series, I found IHOA to be quite a bit more fast-paced and got a kick out of the banter between Lillian and Marcus. Watching them push and pull, get in each other’s faces all the while staying stubbornly true to the fact that they do not want to marry the other.


In walks, Lord St. Vincent, Marcus’s friend and charming seducer of anything in skirts – who takes a liking to Lillian and her money. He even goes so far as to kidnap Lillian and become the villian of the book! But lord is he gonna be a great villian turned hero to read about when its his turn to come to heel!

The one thing that bothered me a bit it’s common knowledge that St. Vincent has his own book with one of the other Wallflowers – and how that would feel to the future wife to know that St. Vincent had feelings for Lillian (even shallow that they were) and that he tried to run off with her to Gretna Green.

Overall, I enjoyed the book and am really looking forward to digging into Devil In Winter.


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