My neighbor has ugly ducks…


My neighbbor has ducks. This may not sound too very strange for some of you but I must confess – it’s weird for me. I live in a large city (about 1 million people) and I live in a residential neighborhood. I don’t live on or near a farm so I wouldn’t expect any of my neighbors to have wildlife, such as this, as pets. Not only do they have ducks (and I do mean more than one), … they’re ugly ducks. Not the cute little fluffy chicks you normally see at Easter but these are large black and white ducks with red growths on their face. A recent science website article named this as one of the ugliest animals on the planet – now that’s pretty darn ugly.

At first I was a little aggravated because these people neither have a mailbox nor mow their lawn so the neighbors don’t care much for them anyway. Then, they add weird ugly ducks to the list of greivances and they aren’t winning any popularity contests with the rest of us. However, I’ve lived with the ducks for about two years now. And, amazing as it may seem – I’ve come to like them. Yes, they’re ugly but they’re so ugly they’re almost cute. And they waddle up and down the street and it makes the cars slow down to either, not try to hit them or just to gawk at their ugliness – either way – it’s good for traffic calming so I thank the ducks.

What started as utter disbelief at what my pain-in-the-butt neighbors had done this time has turned into a sappy love-connection with my ducks. I want them to stay and waddle their way up and down the street slowing cars and making people smile at their cute-ugliness.

** sigh ** how could you NOT smile at a face like that?


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  1. these ducks you are talking about
    are called Muscovies.And I love them,also they are not the ulgiest ducks in the world and I actually two of them as my pets at home and they are lovely! thankyou!!!!!!!!!

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