Why I love Jennifer Crusie (not in a weird stalker like way though)


Jennifer is fast becoming my most favorite contemporary author. She develops likable, endearing characters with whom you can really empathize. Her plots aren’t unbelievable but are still fun to read. And, man are her books FUNNY! I mean, really laugh out loud funny.

Since most of us live in real life, we know not every sexual encounter is take-your-breath-away-make-your-toes-curl-I-see-fireworks-and-orgasm-every-freakin’-single-time good. Sometimes they’re okay, sometimes they’re dull, and sometimes they’re just darn funny. Someday I may tell you about being stung by a wasp – twice- while in the throes of passion, (nothing puts out passion fires like a wasp sting) but this is what I’m talking about. Sometimes they are just REAL and Ms. Crusie has a way of capturing that and making us all feel like we can relate to the characters. It makes them multi-dimensional and it gives them an endearing human quality that a lot of romance characters don’t have.

I have not loved all of her books, however. Fast Women was not my favorite but I literally laughed out loud during Bet Me, Welcome to Temptation, Faking It, and Anyone but You. Temptation and Faking It had some of the most realistically, funny sex scenes I’ve ever read.

So, if you’ve ever read Jennifer Crusie, please share your thoughts (and if you disagree with me, I’ll try to forgive your ignorance, foolish, foolish person). What did you like and why? What didn’t you like and why?


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