Christina Dodd "Lost in Your Arms"


Enid McLean & Keirnan McLean, laird of clan McLean

Finished this one today. I’d never read any Christina Dodd books before. This book wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great either. The heroine’s feelings were hard to follow – she was very wishy-washy and kept flopping back and forth in her emotions. The hero wasn’t my favorite but for physical reasons. He has been in an accident and it keeps on and on about all the scars and even one of his earlobes is gone. I just couldn’t find myself really getting into him after the descriptions of what his body looks like.

The plot was pretty good – better than some and pretty believable. It didn’t end too abruptly but I didn’t feel like it drug on and on either.

I was in a mood for a historical afer several contemps and I had this in my to-be-read pile so I gave it a shot. I may read another Christina Dodd book but will hope it’s better than this one.


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  1. I think I’ve read a Christina Dodd as well at one point and had the same opinion – good but not great. Can’t remember what the name of it was though.

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