Lisa Kleypas’ Devil In Winter


3rd Book in the Wallflower Series

Evangeline Jenner and Sebastian St. Vincent

Evie Jenner is a wallflower of the first kind, she talks with a stammer and her shyness is crippling. In the years that she’s been out in society she’s yet to receive even the slightest hint of a proposal so her family, in the interest of keeping her inheritence within the family, have decided to marry her to a cousin. Cousin Eustace can barely fit through the door and is much more interested in where his next meal will come from rather than helping Evie escape the abuse her family doles out at their whim.

Sebastian stooped to even new lows for himself in the last book by kidnappying his best friends fiance. He’s a charming seducer of the worst kind, well known for his exploits in the bedroom. Now sitting in his home, hurting from the fight his best friend gave him, knowing he’s just desperate enough to have to take Evie Jenner up on her marriage offer.

To escape the abuse and the lifestyle that her relatives have forced on her, Evie needs a husband. Someone powerful enough to keep her safe but yet still agree to her terms – that in exchange for her money she be allowed to look after her father in his dying days. Lord St. Vincent is normally the last person that Evie would approach but since the abduction incident she knows he’s nearly as desparate for an heiress as she is for a protector.

So far of the three, I have to say this installment was my favourite. After reading the second book, I was a little worried on how well LK would redeem Sebastian, turn him from a villian into a hero. But this was so well done that I was falling for him myself within the first chapter when he surprised Evie with a warming brick for her feet. Cursed with cold feet myself, nothing could be sweeter than that. Evie turned from the stammering, shy wallflower we knew into a fiery female who defintely was able to hold her own with Sebastian. And surprisingly enough Sebastian didn’t fight to hold onto his old life nearly as hard as I thought he would. He needed a way to prove to himself that he was worth something beyond his looks and he found that chance in Evie.


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  1. It’s my favourite of the three too and is almost (but not quite)as good as Dreaming of You (which I know you’ve read so you’re safe)

  2. I don’t think there’s much that’s going to beat out DoY. LOL

    Now! I just read on Giselle’s blog that Cam isn’t the hero of Daisy’s book!! Then what the hell is up with the scene is DiW??

    Then I read the excerpt and well it just may work with Mr. Swift, LOL.

  3. I read the excerpt too but dang it my heart is still a-flutter from that one scene in DIW. I’m finding it hard to let go 🙂

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