Emma Holly’s Strange Attractions



BG Grantham & Eric Berne & Charity Wills

I’m new to the “erotica/romantica” genres but I wouldn’t call this one “romantica”. A romance did evolve but it certainly wasn’t the focus of the book – the sex was and that’s why I’d say it’s more erotic than romantic.

BG is some rich, bigwig science guy – an astrophysicist I think (I skimmed a lot of the science parts to get to the good parts [and don’t even pretend you didn’t!]) who has a wild sexy side. Eric procures his “guests” who come to his home for their ultimate pleasure. Charity is their most recent guest but the one who changes everything for them.

The sex is pretty explicit and be warned – it isn’t all of the opposite sex variety either. If you think that will bother you – I wouldn’t recommend this book. There aren’t that many guy-on-guy parts but the few there are are great. Very steamy book!

Forgot to comment on the cover itself…

Doesn’t it look like this woman is pulling a wedgie out of her butt? Her stance is very awkward and makes her left arm look too long. If your arm is longer than your skirt, you’re getting money for what you’re doing in the bedroom, I’ll bet.


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  1. This was my first Emma Holly – and it made me want to run out and buy more. (couldn’t though, bookstore doesn’t have any)

    LOL – I did skim the science stuff to get to the hot stuff!!

    Either way it was fabulous and I’ve since talked two others into reading it.

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