Hot Cover


Now if this isn’t a fabulous cover I don’t know what is. (minus the pink fingernails that is.


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  1. You really like this cover??? I think it looks weird. Does he have a woman’s hand? The way his elbow is bent makes it look like that’s really his hand. Then, what is with the vein in his other arm? It’s like it’s about ready to pop right out. Is he an IV drug user? Now, there’s not a negative thing that can be said about his abs!

  2. Oh and why does he have black/extremely dark brown nipples? Aren’t nipples supposed to be flesh colored? Are his singed for some reason? Too much friction from his pink fingernails rubbing his chest?

  3. Cover is sexy but as you pointed out but for the horrid flamingo nail polish. But as I’ve been seriously burned with her past two books I’ll steer clear of this one. Oh the nipple thing is truly weird now that I look at it closely.

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