** SIGH **


I’m in sort of a melancholy mood. I’m stuck in my office and I desperately want to be outside. I find myself staring out the window at the sunshine and the breeze and longing to be out there. I didn’t get to have lunch with my hubby today either so I miss him too.

I think I have a pretty active imagination so I can’t help but think what would lunch have been like if I had met hubby today. I’d like to think perhaps we would have spread a blanket out on the lawn and eaten our lunch outside while lazing in the grass. Of course, my active imagination won’t include the wind and flies and grass getting into our food and spoiling this delightful respite from our busy workdays (fantasies aren’t supposed to include the crappy stuff, right?). We would have lain back and watched the clouds float overhead and tried to pick out shapes in them. Remember doing that as a child? I loved it and found some of the strangest things in the clouds.

I could change this little fantasy to not include any apparel but that would have to entail moving the setting to one of more seclusion (since we live in a fairly large and busy neighborhood and I’m not an exhibitionist) and I don’t have the energy to do that right now. Albeit, the fantasy would be much more interesting and exciting, I guess I’ll just sit here and stare out the window some more and continue to sigh in longing… sigh …


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  1. I became more relaxed just reading your blog. I love fantasy; it’s so good for we girls.

    Does your husband really get to come home for lunch? Cool.

    In re J Crusie? Why do we always feel like stalkers when we talk about an author or somebody more than once? I’ve been having the stalker worries lately, too.

    I like your blog.

  2. Hello Michelle! 🙂

    I have to say it is starting to get difficult to stay in the air-conditioned office all day while at work knowing the spring weather is here. For the past two weeks we’ve had unseasonly warm weather, its been light summer temps.

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