What my TBR pile looks like ….


And it really isn’t pretty. Although I know it doesn’t compare to some others, its pretty scary to me. There are just SSSOO many books that I want to get to in that pile but not enough time.

I’m really trying to get through the bloody thing. I keep telling myself I’m not buying anymore damn books till I get through this – which we all NEVER happens.

So I think I need to weed them out. I know there are some that just aren’t any good and can go directly to the bottom of the pile and not get worried about. And I also know that there are probably several that absolutely need to be read right away, they are that good.

Which means I need help …. which ones are good … and which ones should I throw to the bottom or just plain ole take to the UBS?

**removing them as I finish them**

Stella Cameron – Shadows
Liz Carlyle – Beatury Like the NIght
Liz Carlyle – A Woman of Virtue
Susanna Carr – Wicked Women 101
Tori Carrington – Possession
Kristina Cook – Unveiled
Christine Feehan – Dark Symphony
Christine Feehan – Dark Legend
Christine Feehan – Dark Destiny
Christine Feehan – Dark Melody
Christine Feehan and bunch – Fantasy
Christine Feehan and gang – Hot Blooded
Gaelen Foley – Prince Charming
Lori Foster, etc – Perfect for the Beach
Lori Foster, etc – Beach Blanket Bad Boys
Georgina Gentry – To Tempt a Texan
Rachel Gibson – It Must Be Love
Dorie Graham – Faking It
Deborah Hale – Highland Rogue
Hannah Howell – Highland Destiny
Tara Janzen – Crazy Kisses
Marc Levy – Just Like Heaven
Johanna Lindsey – A Loving Scoundrel
Johanna Lindsey – Say You Love Me
Johanna Lindsey – The Present
Tracy MacNish – Veiled Promises
Judith McNaught – Someone To Watch Over Me
Judith McNaught – Remember When
Julie Ortolon – Too Perfect
Kimberly Raye – The Sex Solution
Jane Sullivan et al – Always a Bridesmaid
Susan Wiggs – The Firebrand

Uhm … its a little longer than I thought it was going to be actually, LOL.


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  1. Hand waving madly “I know! I know” Read the Tara Janzen Crazy ones. I am so loving these! I’ve read them all twice now.

  2. Wow – just looking at your pile gives me a headache. I don’t think I have quite that many – I’ll have to post my list too.

    Here are the only ones on which I can comment…

    YES – read “Red Lily” by NR – if you’ve read the 1st two books in the series, you’ve got to finish it and this one is probably my favorite out of all of them AND the “mystery” finally gets solved.

    YES – read “Carolina Isle” by JD. It’s the first book of hers in a really long time that I enjoyed.

    YES – read “Only with a Highlander” by Janet Chapman. It’s the “follow-up” book to finish off her series and the rest of them were pretty good. I’ve not read this one yet but it’s in my pile.

    NO – DON’T read “Prince Charming” by Gaelen Foley. Everyone loved her so much I caved and read this book and it was horrible! I posted that I really didn’t like it and even her fans said they didn’t like that book either – it was her worst.

  3. I’ll be glad to finally see the mystery be solved in Red Lily. This is the book I’ve looked forward to since the beginning of the series.

    And I’m reading the JC one now. Gave up on the Linda Howard I was reading. I’m looking forward to the end of this series as well – this should be a fabulous book.

    I’ve heard Prince Charming can be difficult to get through. I loved all the Knight Series though.

  4. Yikers. Now I know why I don’t put together TBR lists. I just leave the books piled everywhere. It’s a special kind of hell.

    I really like all the Liz Carlyles up to and through the Devils. I can’t remember the title, but I love the one where the hero’s a former military guy who went to theological school.

    You’re a braver woman than I to put together that list. But it’s really cool to see what you’re considering. Why, it’s a public service you’re performing. A romance-reading nation thanks you!

  5. My TBR pile is taking up every horizontal surface in my bedroom, except the bed.

    I really liked the Tara Janzen CRAZY series. Fast, fun reads… if you like roller coasters, LOL!

  6. Yours is as long as mine…

    You need to read Medeiros’s book AFTER MIDNIGHT. Excellent read!!! Love the blog!!!

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