Favorite Authors


I have a handfull of authors that I just adore. Reading one of their novels is like wrapping yourself in a soft blanket and sitting down with an old friend for the afternoon. Something about reading an author with whom you’re familiar is comforting to me. You know, and like, their writing style and the kinds of stories they weave. You know if this author is going to give you a satisfying HEA (happily ever after).

Jude Deveraux, Jennifer Crusie, Johanna Lindsey, and LaVyrle Spencer are some of my all-time favorites. I know I can pick up one of their books and almost assuredly get lost in them. No, I do not think every book by these authors are wonderful but most of them are.

Finding an author that becomes a favorite is like finding a lost treasure. Almost something you start to revere and you begin to cherish books by them. You mark release dates on your calendar, you faithfully check their websites, and you block off hours at a time out of your busy life to dedictate to enjoying their craft.

I’m currently reading “Sweet Liar” by Jude Deverux. It is probably the 3rd time I’ve read this book and each time, I think, it draws me in a little more. I can devour this book in a single day. I won’t eat and I won’t stir from my library chair, with the exception of going to the restroom, for hours at a time. I adore this book.

So, who are your favorite authors and why?


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  1. Sometimes I’ll forget the feeling of reading a favourite author. Then I’ll pick up an old book and just practically sink into it, I damn near sigh from the familiar characters.

    Jude Deveraux and Julie Garwood are favourite authors of mine, both I’ve been reading for about 13 years now and know the old books by heart, I visit them so often. These are definitely my comfort reads.

    Other must buys are Lisa Kleypas, Lynn Kurland, Jennifer Crusie and Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Kinley MacGregor is fast becoming a must have as well and am almost guaranteed to get a good read.

    I have loads of favourite authors but some of them are hit and miss – Nora Roberts, Linda Howard, etc (also the new JD’s and JG’s can be this way).

  2. Hi, Valeen. I was just over at Romance by the blog and thought I would pop over here.

    Wow, fav author. Is there such a thing?
    Well, in no particular order these are all on my keeper shelf 🙂

    1)Julia Quinn
    2)Lisa Kleypas
    3)Eloisa James
    4)Christina Dodd
    5)Teresa Medeiros
    6)Nora Roberts
    7)Kat Martin
    8)Karen Marie Moning
    9)Christine Feehan
    10)Vicki Lewis Thompson (love the Nerds)
    11)Karen Hawkins
    12)Stephanie Laurens (she has been kind of iffy for me lately, but still like the Bastion series)

    Oh, BTW, I saw a couple of blogs ago you were looking for some help dwindling down you TBR pile. I have read Elizabeth Boyle’s Something about Emmaline. I liked the premise but didn’t care so much for the ending. The sequel, This Rake of Mine was better.

    Thanks for letting me post. I like your blog.

  3. LOL Favorite authors. Humm, BTW hello Val and Jen, it be me WendyK*Win*

    Let’s see, you know of course that I adore Sherrilyn Kenyon/Kinley MacGregor I have all but the one book that is so very hard to find but is due to be rereleased soon, Born of the Night. I love her and her work not matter what genre she’s writing in.

    Jude Deveraux(a long time favorite)
    Arnette Lamb(I love her work and miss her greatly)
    Linda Howard have all but 3 of her books
    Colleen Coble(she writes Inspirational romantic suspense and is great!)
    Sue-Ellen Welfonder
    Christina Skye
    Gennita Low
    Lori Handeland
    Lisa Plumley
    Rebecca York
    Brenda Novak
    Cindy Dees
    Doranna Durgin
    Kate Donovan
    Maureen Child
    Suzanne Brockmann(not so much with the last few books but I will still buy her in PB and love the older stories. We’ll see if she can bring it back with the Aug release)
    Geralyn Dawson
    Lindsay McKenna
    Marliss Melton
    Pamela Britton

    Okay I’m stopping there. I have a ton more. What can I say. I have faves in about every genre there is.


  4. Theresa Weir – because I like her writing style and very dry sense of humour. I admit having a soft spot for Nora Roberts and Linda Howard’s old books: CARNAL INNOCENCE, AFTER THE NIGHT, HONEST ILLUSIONS, and so forth. 🙂

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