Great News!


I got engaged! After six and half years (years!) my boyfriend finally decided it was time, he was ready.

I ruined the plan he had made. He stayed home from work on Thursday night, with everything set up, to wait for me to come home. Only, I didn’t, I ran errands instead. And he finally gave up waiting and went to work! This has actually been my fear over the past year, that this would happen.

Anywhoo .. last night I kinda figured he was up to something as he was acting a little funny – asking me silly questions and being a little nervous. And this morning he was restless and awake about three hours before he normally is. So he finally muttered “I can’t wait any longer” and pulled out a little box while we were in bed.

So, we are thinking next summer, just not sure on a month yet. We would like to have the wedding outside beside the lake but need to choose a time when the mosquitos or the black flies won’t carry everyone away. And I’m so excited and so not a patient person that I’ll be planning and figuring it all out now instead of waiting till next year. I wanted to do it this September but he thinks thats a bit too soon.


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  1. Thanks so much all! I’m so excited but no one wants to talk about it with me. LOL – they keep saying its over a year away!!

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