What the crap is happening in this book?!?!?!


I’m reading Catherine Coulter’s The Penwyth Curse, which, so far has been pretty interesting. I’ve read her stuff before and enjoyed it so this isn’t my first foray into her work. It was a little weird at first because the whole first chapter sort of jumped into what this guy, Arlan, was doing. Then, the very next chapter jumps straight into what this other guy, Bishop, is doing. That took a few pages to get used to as it sort of “dropped” one story and just picked up on another. Okay, I shook that off and then WHAM – it happened AGAIN!

Let me explain a little. Chapter one has a sub-heading “Four Years Earlier…” so you are prepared for the story to jump. Chapter two has a sub-heading of “Present, 1278”. Then, I’m about 1/3 of the way into the book and I get to chapter 11 which has a sub-heading of “Sometime Else”…??? What do you mean “sometime else”?? What does that mean? Next thing I know, I’m reading the thoughts of some strange person I’ve never heard of, then he starts talking to someone else I’ve never heard of about two other characters I’ve never heard of!!! There is an entire freakin’ chapter that I have no idea (as of yet) why they are even in this book. It’s very much like the printers got messed up and printed an entire chapter from another book that isn’t even supposed to be there. Then, Chapter 12 goes right back to the other characters I was reading.

Another weird thing is this whole “weird psychedelic” chapter is a different type of story than what I was reading. I’m very confused and really don’t understand what’s going on but I’ll stick with it and will post what happens and will be very impressed if the author is able to pull off this whole book and make it good because right now I’m just confuzzled!

Post comments if you’ve read this book before and what you though of all the “jumping around”. Please no spoilers though, thanks!


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