The Age in Romance


As a teen, the age of heroines wasn’t something I pondered on. I usually skipped right by that part as it had no meaning to me at that time, really.

Lately I’m finding myself groaning at a 20-23 year old heroines. Maybe it has something to do with having surpassed that same time in my life with nothing of the same. I’m wondering how a twenty year old (although I know its done and is beyond possible) is finding that adventure and passion. Are they ready for it? Able to know at that age that this is it, or even have the maturity level that is given to them by the author?

I once read a romance story where the heroine was a child of 13 – not just at the first meeting but throughout the entire book! I kept waiting for the tale to skip three or four (or six) years. But it didn’t. She was finding love and passion and a murderous villian when she should have been just learning to frenchkiss her hand. Okay, well I was doing more than that at that age but still!

But on the other side of the coin, I groan at 40-50 year old heroines as well.

What age is a good age? Too old or too young of an age?


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  1. A 13-year old heroine would really put me off. That’s too young to have true passion; I don’t think it would be believable. I don’t care for the ones in their late teens either – not enough life experience and the author always makes them uber-mature which isn’t realistic at that age.

    Personally, I like the heroines between 25 and 29. Not too old to be hardened but not too young either. If the heroine is much older than that, the hero is going to be way too old. I don’t like it when the heroes are 25 years older than the heroine either – creepy! I like the hero to be in his late 20’s or early to mid 30’s. They need a lot of life experience to really make them drool-worthy so they need to have a few years on them. I don’t think I could take a hero seriously who was only 21. He isn’t even finished growing at that age!

    Great post!

  2. I find as I get older, the older I can accept the heroine 🙂 I can go up to 40 now for a heroine (in contemps anyway). I am of course slightly older than that myself. I figure when I’m 80, a 60 year old heroine will be just about right. And anyone under 20 now doesn’t work for me – in any genre.

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