I’m an almost middle aged woman with a surprising habit…


In most aspects of my life, I’m your typical almost middle aged woman. I say almost because I’ve read you aren’t considered middle age until you’re 35 so that gives me a couple years yet. I say I’m typical because I have a mortgage, have a career instead of just a job, go to bed before midnight, know how to use the word “whom” correctly, am married, am a mother, and I drive an SUV. Pretty average stuff. Here’s the thing that sets me a little bit apart and what some people would be surprised to discover about me… I’m a music fiend. A LOUD music fiend. You know those people who drive up next to you with their radio blaring and you give them a dirty look because you don’t want to listen to what they’re listening to. That’s me – the one getting the looks, not giving them. I like a lot of the same music my almost 17-year old daughter listens to. And I mean I like it LOUD. I have a pretty good stereo in my SUV and I find myself wishing it were louder. I pay my subscription to XM radio happily as I couldn’t imagine life without it. At the top of my current “Favorite Songs Right Now” list are:

James Blunt’s You’re Beautiful
Daniel Powter’s Bad Day
Shakira’s new song featuring Wyclef (neither of whom I typically like but this one is catchy)
Natasha Bedingfield’s Unwritten (this song is especially good at the maximum volume level available)
The Killer’s Mr. Brightside (also at it’s best very loud)
Ne-Yo’s Love Songs (how could you not like this song?)
The Fray’s Cable Car
All American Rejects Dirty Little Secret (all the way up)
Goo Goo Dolls (don’t know the name – just saw the video this morning and heard the song for the first time yesterday but I love everything the Goo Goo Dolls do)

By the way, as I was typing this post, XM played Goo Goo Dolls and James Blunt – see why I like them???

So, what’s your favorite song right now?


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  1. Funny story – I love this group for Newfoundland named Great Big Sea (Valeen’s probably heard of them) I bought their latest CD the other day and was playing it in the car. This one song came on that I’d never heard before. Very Celtic sounding with all the instruments) I perked up and thought “Yes! now I like this one!” Then they came to the chorus and they song was about Cod Live Oil – did I ever laugh over that one! Here I was getting all excited about Cod Liver Oil.

  2. I would be a crime NOT to play these choices at full volume. I usually turn the volume knob to 10 and rip it off the radio.

  3. I am also guilty of this. “Thunderkiss ’65” by White Zombie or “Getting Away With Murder” by Papa Roach sound even better at the highest volume LOL

  4. I used to love Great Big Sea, Kristie but I haven’t been that fond of their newer stuff.

    I’m guilty of this as well. As long as I like the music, I have it up loud enough that I can sing and not hear myself.

  5. Favourite song at the moment: ‘Screaming Nutter’ by Candy Ranch [it’s funky blues]. Love that song. Very catchy and danceable, yet it’s best in the dark. Like driving at night. Hope that makes sense.

    It’s that or ‘Our Mother is Alive’ by Stewart Copeland. I suppose I’m in the mood for something bluesy. Which is strange because it’s not typcial of me.

  6. Oh, another favourite at the moment: ‘Ghost Town’ by The Specials. I’ve been playing it nearly every day. I don’t know why, though.

  7. And as for listening to music really loud – isn’t that the only way to really listen to it? I have everyone around me – including my husband, kids, sisters all telling me to turn it down – I hate that!

  8. Kelli – your “ears bleed”??? You’re a big dork. I also like that song by the group something Jane, that talks about being an average girl but now I can’t remember the name of it. Oh, and I forgot to list My Chemical Romance’s Sweet Helena. I love that song. The first time I told my husband I loved it he though I was lying. He saw the video and then thought I was insane but it’s a very catchy diddy!

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