Flea Market Pictures


I’m not a flea market kind of gal but a (goofy) friend of mine was going this past weekend and asked if I wanted to join her. From what I understand, we have a nice flea market. It’s once a month and it’s at the state fair grounds and it’s HUGE. We walked around for three hours and didn’t see all of the stuff. I had never been before but figured it was a good place to snap some interesting pictures. One of my many hobbies is photography so I was hoping I might be able to get a few good shots.

The stars were just interesting to me. Very textured and worn looking. They’re probably all brand new but they looked like they’ve been around a long time.

Now, Pinnochio really has been around a long time. He’s made out of cast iron and I liked the girls in front of him in a circle kissing. Sure hate you’re missing out, Pinnochio!

I know the one picture on the left is “politically incorrect” but I liked the colors and poses. I think they’re all very old cast iron banks. Some have moving parts. I liked how the arms of most of them are on their hips and they look mad. If I were bought and sold as a slave I’d be pissed too so I don’t blame them. This isn’t a racist photo so please – no one get mad. I don’t own these and I don’t know who would but I thought they made for an interesting photograph – nothing more.



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  1. The pictures need to be bigger! The rusty stars really came out nice. And as for your “goofy” comment, I resemble that remark!

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