Johanna Lindsey’s Tender Rogue


ahhhhhh … the rakes always fall the hardest and I do so love to read about them.

Up until a few months ago, I’d never read a Malory story. Shocking? I didn’t think so. I’ve never been a fan of JL’s writing and now I realize it was because I started with the wrong books. Both stories I’ve ever stumbled my way through were futuristic (one for sure, I’m thinking the other one I read 8 years ago was as well).

So as I decided with a friend on a book for our discussion group, we choice JL’s Love Only Once and immediately fell head over heels in lust for the entire Malory family (and Nicholas Eden). So since then I’ve tried to glom the entire series but thanks to the monstrous TBR pile I’m only now just getting to the second of the series.

Anthony Malory and Roslynn Chadwick
Regency – London, England
2nd Book in the Malory Series

After the tragic death of her mother, Roslynn is raised by her doting Scot grandfather who also upon his own death left her his entire fortune. Much to the murderin’ disappointment of Roslynn’s cousin, Geordie. To escape the almost certain death she’ll receive (after he marries her for her fortune) Roslynn plans a great escape with her abigail – also with a little help from her grandfather before his death. Off to London she goes, to find a husband of course.

Anthony Malory …. oh dear rakehell Tony … will absolutely under no circumstances find himself leg-shackled in bonds of matrimony. Until one Miss Cameron shoves her derriere up for his view in the garden. For once, he’s captured, more interested (well, okay, not more but at least somewhat) in sparring with her than immediately tumblin’-and-leavin’.

What Roslynn needs is a husband, not a lover as she very boldly tells Anthony in their first meeting – although ‘mores the pity’ she says. Ah, a challenge – now what self-respecting chaser of skirts can forgoe such a challenge as that, I ask?

From here the two are forced to marry due to the reappearance of the villian Geordie, fall in love without bothering to mention it to the other one, have a BIG misunderstanding that gets drug on for many many chapters – again because they can’t be bothered to just TALK about it. I’ll never understand that … me, I don’t keep anything in, I tell it all when I’m pissed so there’d be no misunderstanding with me. Villian tries to kidnap heroine, hero beats villian up, heroine is kidnapped by mistake after the beating but manages to take care of herself in the end, heroine admits she loves the big lug of a hero to which he replies he loves her as well THEN big misunderstanding is suddenly cleared up, couple lives happily ever after. Ta-da. The End.


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  1. I like JL’s stuff very much except for her futuristic ones. I didn’t even know she wrote futuristic books until I picked up “Heart of a Warrior”. I was expecting an historical/highlander type story and found myself stuck with this 7 foot weird guy from outer space – really threw me for an unexpected loop.

    Glad to hear you’re enjoying her now – she really is pretty good.

  2. I really only like her Malory novels and Anthony Malory is my favorite! He just sounds so lovely. Why are there no men who look like that in real life? *sigh* LOL!

    HP :0)

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