Raol Bova


Michelle Buonfiglio is having a ‘Week of Wet’ on her blog, Romance By The Blog, this week – basically its been a week of pictures of wet men. Its been a nice week.

But this guy is just so good in my opinion, I had to bring him over here as well.

Now, I’m sure in which direction he’s suppose to go – I’m gonna post ‘im twice. Just because I can.


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  1. Hey, Valeen! Yeah, I think he’s supposed to be horzontal. And I mean that in the most innocent way imaginable. Really.

    So, Did you like this Johanna Lidsey I see over yonder, there?

    See you on the blog, soon. I really appreciate your stopping by so often.

  2. Its no problem – I have a grand time at your blog, its fun!

    And the JL – yes, I loved it. I was only introduced to the Malory’s last month and now I’m trying to pace them out. But I want to glom them.

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