What is it about a man who gets dirty?


The absolute oddest thing happened to me yesterday. I stopped by RH’s work on my way home last night and he was standing in front of the double doors dirty and greasy, completely covered in black and overalls, wearing a welders helmet (although he isn’t a welder himself). And right then and there I wanted to ask if he could take a thirty minute break and go home with me.

Now normally the dirty look doesn’t have this effect on me. Its more of a don’t come anywhere near me, the bed sheets nor the couch type of reaction. Now, don’t get me wrong – he’s not a grease monkey and he cleans up very well – he just doesn’t mind getting dirty.

But lately I’ve been thinking about how absolutely awesome it is to have a male who can do anything. Literally anything. I just look to him to fix it. My favourite answer/question to him is always “Well, can’t you just weld it?” Some days that pisses me off, this ability he has to be good and capable at everything – since there are so many things I’m not capable of (like building a coffeetable or putting a new muffler on my car or laying ceramic tile in our basement).

And I don’t know about the rest of yours but mine has absolutely no second thoughts about climbing under his truck wearing his only good pair of jeans and a white t-shirt. I swear he’ll come to our wedding with dirt spots streaked across his face.

Somedays it makes me want to jump him. Outside working in the hot sun, t-shirt wet with sweat and stuck to body and his hands covered in dirt. I’m sure Jen can agree with this one as I’m sure her husband is in this situation alot. (the being covered in dirt in the hot sun, not being jumped by her part – although both might be true now that I think of it).

Now that I’ve reread what I’ve written I apologize for the complete lack of flow – I seem to be jumping all over the place with my point.


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  1. Yes, I see the attraction and can whole-heartedly agree. I’m not normally a “dirty man lover” (hehe, that made me giggle) type of gal but if I’ve been working in the yard with my husband and he’s been planting shrubs or something that really makes his biceps bulge and he’s really “manly” looking and isn’t stinky but just smells like “man”, I sometimes have to restrain myself from jumping him right on the front lawn. There’s just something about a “manly capable man” who you know can just take care of something. HOT!

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