Deceptions by Judith Michael


Lady Sabrina Longworth,
her identical twin sister, Stephanie Anderson
and Garth

Finally finished this book! It was really very good. I would have read it all at one time if I had had a free afternoon to completely devote to reading these past few weeks.

This book was not only a love story but of intrigue and deception and of finding what’s important in your life and going after it.

Lady Sabrina lives in the height of London society without anyone to care for but herself. Her identical twin’s life couldn’t be more different. The housewife and mother of two in the midwest longs for the glamour of Sabrina’s life.

This books brings to light the idea that the “grass is always greener on the other side”. Both lifestyles have their good and bad points and there are tradeoffs one makes to enjoy that life. It is a very good book that I throughly enjoyed.

Even better, it has a sequel! I don’t have it yet but am getting it from a friend very soon and will let you guys know what I think.


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