I most humbly ask your forgiveness…


I have been exceptionally remiss in posting the last two weeks. Life has been a little hectic which, I know, is a piss-poor excuse but it’s the only one I have.

Last Friday and Saturday I was attending a scrapbooking convention. I know, some of you are giddy at the thought of dedicating two entire fun-fuilled days to scrapbooking and it was fantastic. Others, I’m sure (like probably Valeen), are standing around scratching their heads wondering “what the crap could you do with scrapbooking for two days?” Well, take 6 classes and spend over $300 is one thing you could do. My feet were sore from walking through all the booths full of scrapbooking goodies and my shoulders hurt for three days after lugging around my tote bag, which I weighed once I got home and realized I toted around 26 pounds for two days!!! No wonder I was sore!

I haven’t read that much the last two weeks either (as evidenced by my not changing my “currently reading” picture). Yes, I’m still reading Deceptions but it’s not because it’s been bad. It’s been quite good, in fact, it’s just that I’ve been so busy at home I haven’t had time to sit and read. I probably could have read this book in one sitting if I had had the time to sit and do it. Alas, I didn’t.

So, how has your life been? Boring? Busy? Bummed? What’s up?


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