A Dark Hero?


JR Ward is guest-blogging today at http://www.themidnighthour.net/ and the question of the day is do you like your heroes dark?

There’s also an older post at Romance By The Book on this same topic, with Eve Silver as a guest-blogger.

I’ve always been completely sucked in by tortured heroes. Give me the hero who has the saddest story, has been hurt the hardest (whether physically or emotionally or both), who feels completely unworthy of love and attention – and that’s the one I’ll love.

Do they necessarily have to have dark aspects? To me, yes, they do, in order to make them a true tortured hero they have to have dark sides. Their story is dark, maybe the life they still live is dark today.

Kenyon’s Zarek is one of my all-time favourite heroes, you can’t get much more tortured than he is. And her counterpark, Kinley MacGregor, writes a very similar tale to Zarek in Born in Sin which tells the story of a very unloved (and fabulously virgin!!) Sin. JR Wards up and coming novel featuring Zsadist is guaranteed to be dark and a sad tale to read – but I’m positive he’ll rank up there in my favourites. Derek Craven is dark and tortured to a point, although not in the same sense as these two.

I’m sure there are many more I’m forgetting. So how do you like your hero?


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  1. I like a “dark hero” sometimes but they aren’t my favorites. I like guys with a sense of humor and who like to laugh. The dark brooding type isn’t for me.

  2. I like dark heroes as well, but I need to be in the mood for them. Allegreto from Shadowheart (Laura Kinsale) was dark. Bastien Touissant from Anne Stuart’s Black Ice. I can’t wait for Zsadist’s story!

  3. I read historicals, bit I like my heroes dark and tortured. Miserable outcasts who have probably been disowned by their family or feel responsible for their demise. They hate society’s rules and the only use they have for a woman is to bed her. They are rich by their own right, smart, cunning, and have the best hands you can ever imagine.

    (I don’t know, there is just something about the hands)



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