Way too sweet for me


Phantom Waltz
Catherine Anderson
Book Two – Kendrick Series

A big, strapping, rugged, hard man is dealing with a stubborn, independant woman who’s been hurt before and due to a barrel-riding accident has been left a paraplegic but jesus effing krist does it have to be so damn sweet??

I just couldn’t handle it anymore. It got to be too much. I threw the book against the bathroom door. Should have dunked the damn thing IN the bathtub.

He meets the girl twice and he’s already figuring ways in his head to actually remodel his home, his entire ranch so that when he marries her things will be easier. Kudos for the thought … but damn, after two meetings? He tells his mother and her brother he’s marrying her after they first meet and go one date.

He knows the girl for … uhm … maybe a couple of days and he goes on about being her best bud. They can have a wonderful fun friendship, do lots of fun things. He hears a song on the radio, wants to turn it up and says “Do you mind? This is my favorite song ever.” Or after their first kiss he says “Wow … that was something else.”

He’s just too damn nice. And too damn sweet. I can’t stand it. Ugh … I’ll never finish it. And I’d heard such good things about it.


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  1. Lol!!! I thought the same when I read the book, I did like it, but I had to suspend a lot of disbelief. The whole remodelling thing was weird, and thank Oprah he had bazillions of money to be able to do it. *g*

  2. I should have stopped reading her at Phantom Waltz but instead I gave her two more tries before I couldn’t stand the unending neediness of her heroines and the perfectness of her heroes anymore. Her earlier books were pretty descent but I can relate to you on this one.

  3. I read the one previous to this story last year, Baby Love, and it was sickeningly sweet as well but I was at least able to get through it. This was just too much a second time. LOL

  4. It’s a shame, really, because her early historical romances aren’t that bad [nor that blatantly manipulative]. She did the one about the heroine [Dove?] who is a working prositute who has to defend her brother against their town bullies or such. I think this book is VHTF now, though. Does anyone remember which book this is?

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