Since when do adults boo?


As some of us already know the US and Canada are in the middle of the Stanley Cup playoffs. Sunday night the Edmonton Oilers went to San Jose to play Game Five.

Only to be booed out during the national anthem. Booed so loud that the people actually trying to sing the anthem were drowned out.

What the fuck? Why would someone boo through a national anthem? Regardless of your feelings for the game or the opposing team it shows a complete lack of respect for both of those.

Shark fans boo ‘O Canada’

As its pointed out in the article – the Sharks THREE top scorers are Canadian themselves, not to mention seven other Shark team players.

In my personal opinion when something like this happens, whether in Canada or the US or any other country or sport out there – the home team, home of the fans, should be penalized and then maybe the fans themselves would show a little more respect and class.


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  1. Tacky and redneck. That’s how I see people that “boo” – period. I’m from the South in the US and I think anyone that boos is redneck. Being a redneck really has nothing to do with where you live or where you are – it’s a kind of behavior that demonstrates your uneducated, ignorant, backwoods ways and boing during anyone’s National Anthem is pure trash. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  2. I would just like to say that I follow the Detroit Red Wings, and when we were playing them in the first round, Edmonton fans were booing our national anthem sooooo loud. I wonder if they pulled the same against San Jose and their fans finally got fed up. While I was, I will not disrepect Canada as a country or the anthem, we are neighbors afterall. Two wrongs do not make a right, but Edmonton fans were doing this to us as well.

  3. I understand your point Anonymous and this was brought up in the article.

    But it was pointed out that in this particular case, the San Jose team/fans were not booed at any point during this playoff. Or any previous ones.

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