TV Season Finales


How bittersweet this time of year is for TV fans. Some of the best episodes of my favorite TV shows all season but then nothing for 3 months. **sigh** Here is a run down of some of the best parts of my favorite shows from their season endings this year.

*** WARNING ***



Although I was really pulling for “Superman Terry” to win, I was happy with Aras. I think he was respectful most of the time to most people and he is a genuinely nice guy who never tried to stab anyone in the back. Yes, he had to be deceitful at times but he tried to do it with as much grace as possible. Personally, I think Terry was the most deserving – he earned everything he got through blood, sweat, and tears. He faced so many challenges and came at them head on – from the social aspects at camp (him having no allies) to the hard-core physical challenges, Terry gave this game everything he had to give. He never gave up. Danielle skated by on other people’s hard work and I didn’t think she did a thing to deserve to win the money and I was glad she didn’t.

The Office:
Holy-Moly!!! Jim finally gives Pam the ole “lip lock”. I was literally (hehe) jumping off the couch! After our frustration and angst over what Jim was going to do about Pam’s upcoming nuptials, he finally took the plunge and told Pam how he felt. He can’t possibly move to the other branch. I will be crushed! The worst part about finally gettting what we’ve been waiting all season to see – this is how the season ended!!

I don’t have enough space to go into Michael’s “love triangle” but, how cna you not love Michael? It’s almost “incalcucuculable.”

Grey’s Anatomy:
There were so many things that happened in the last 3 hours of this season!!! To recap:

* Denny asked Izzy to marry him, she said yes, then Denny
DIED!!! As in never geting up again; as in D-E-A-D! How could they kill him? Although, a small part of me always wanted Alex and Izzy to get back together. How sweet was Alex to comfort her when she was losing it? That man does have a heart!

* Burke got shot! At first he was laying on the ground with his eyes open and I was yelling “He’s dead?!?!” He wasn’t but they freaked me out adequately before revealing that. Although, his career as a surgeon is certainly in doubt.

* Christina needs her ass kicked for flaking on Burke when he needed her the most. Shame on her. He going into his room at the end doesn’t make up for her ditching him when he was on the operating table.

hmm, seems like I’m missing something else… OH! Yeah:

* Derek and Meredith HAD SEX!!! I didn’t have another conscious thought for about 7 minutes after that.

Oh, and just how cute was “time out”?

Prison Break:
They’re on the run. What will next season be called “On the Lamb” (and why do they call it that anyway?) My heart just about stopped when the plane flew right over them.
I was so glad Michael told Tweener his ride was over. What a dumbass that kid was!
Oh, and how conspicuous was the football helmet and the white suit on the bike with the cards? That guy deserved to be in the loony bin.

– I was glad they didn’t kill T-bag, but man, is he going to be mad!
And the prez’s death – Geez, I didn’t see that coming!
– How stupid is that woman to walk into that house and say “Hello, Terrance”?
Next season is going to be fantastic!

Now, I’m waiting for the finales of Amazing Race (tomorrow) and then CSI on Thursday. I guess Big Brother will have to tide me over all summer. Sad, I know but this new season will be an All-Star cast so it should be very interested. Can’t you see Bunky and Marcel either being BFF or worst enemies? Who wants to see a cat fight?


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  1. I loved the time out on Grey’s Anatomy.
    And Denny dying – I knew it, I predicted it as soon as I started liking him, he would die. I hate being right. LOL

    I don’t watch any of the other shows, but I’ve seen enough of the office to cheer for pam getting kissed by Jim. yay for her

    Now that GA is finished I can have my life back on Sundays.

  2. Survivor! Poor Danielle, it didn’t matter which one she chose she knew she wasn’t going to win. There was just no way she could. didn’t Aras look completely different when they showed them at the finale? I couldn’t believe it.

    Holy crap – Prison Break. Tweener was an absolute dumbass for tattling on the rest of them for escaping but I felt so bad for him. He’s so young and so scared. Good of Michael to send him on his way though and I think he’ll be one to make it. T-Bag, holy shit, was I shocked when that happened. That was crazy, it shouldn’t have went down like that. But on the other hand (hehe) he is a pedophile. Anyone know why it is he wants to go after that woman? To hurt her or to love her?

    I don’t really watch Grey’s Anatomy, I only usually catch the first twenty minutes or so because it comes on after another show.

    Now! I’m just waiting for the season finale of House and Desperate Housewives. DH is gonna be a good one, I wasn’t surprised in the least when we found out Tom was cheating last Sunday.

  3. The only one of these I watch is Grey’s.

    I don’t get Christina. Just don’t understand her. She was a total spaz this week…very irritating. But I get Alex…luv Alex!

    Best part about Mer and Derek…the whole “my wife doesn’t make me sick to my stomach when I think about my vet’s hands on her…” Loved that line!

    Geez, I really have to stop gushing like this!


  4. I loved that line Fiona!

    And Valeen, I watch DH too and I was shocked by Tom’s cheating – I did not see that coming. Although I should have, I never trust any man. LOL

    What did you think of Andrew sleeping with his mom’s boyfriend?

  5. Wait… Is Andrew Bree’s son? I don’t watch DH normally but I did see a couple of the first episodes so I know who most of the characters are. Did Andrew sleep with a guy? I think I remember him telling her he was gay but I thought it was more so to freak out his mom than really being true. I need the scoop on this gay-love-triangle-May-Sept-romance!

  6. Andrew is Bree’s son and he is gay. He seduced his mom’s boyfriend – I can’t remember why – oh yeah he’s a bastard, that’s why. LOL

  7. I saw Tom’s cheating coming only because I figured they’d have to ruin the whole perfect marriage aspect. And that he told his father at the beginning of this season that he had cheated on her before and he was scared what she would do if she found out.

    Andrew – Jesus, what a little prick. I could have killed him. He slept with his mothers boyfriend just to get revenge on her, he hates her. I was shocked, happy and sad to see Bree drop him off in the middle of nowhere. I’m a little scared to see what he’ll do to her now.

  8. I have a crush on Jim too, I think he’s such a cutie! And I’m so glad to see that he finally came through on the whole Pam thing…they kissed?? I missed it! Dangit!

    GA was my favorite Finale of all season..well that and Prison Break, my top two favs right there! Wanted to kick Christina and McDreamy’s line??? SPOT ON Fiona!! LOVED IT!

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