The end of bones … for now.



Am I the only one is hoping for more tension between Bones and Booth? I know, I know, I’ve heard many people say that they will never do this because everytime they’ve done it before the ratings have dropped off on the show. But damn it, I like seeing the sweet side of Bones. Not to mention I think he’s perfect hero material.

I am so glad that they opted for this type of ending. I was so happy to actually learn alot more about their lives outside the Jeffersonian and murders. And that phone call at the end from her ‘dead’ father!!! Holy Shit – how many days till the season starts again??


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  1. from day one I’ve been wanting Booth and Bones to get together. thank god I’ve learned my lesson by now. in tv usually the one couple you want to end up together never does. and if they are together it will be for a limited time until the Big Misunderstanding kicks in. lol

    it’s like some unspoken law on tv 🙂

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