The latest scoop on Lisa Kleypas


While browsing through some other readers blogs, Kristie and RomanceLover have both pointed out that it is official – Lisa Kleypas is leaving Avon to write for St. Martins. (Isn’t that who Kenyon writes for?)

She has just finished her first contemporary titled Sugar Daddy and its scheduled to be out next year. I’m very interested to see how this will turn out. She’s one of my favourite must buy authors so hopefully that will continue with the contemps.

According to her newsletter she will be taking her Wallflower characters with her to St. Martins and will continue to write more stories about friends we’ve seen in the past novels. I was really shocked to learn, after reading Devil In Winter, that Cam will not be Daisy’s hero in her book out this summer, Scandal In Spring. Then I ask, what was that hot kiss scene for between them in DiW?

Anyhow, Cam will actually be getting his own book A Man For All Seasons – which I thought was a really appropriate title considering the rest of the series.

On a side note apparently, as RomanceLover also points out, there are actually readers out there who WANT Julia Quinn to write the story of Violet and Edmund Bridgerton. People! We already know he died!! What the hell would you want to read a fabulous love story when you know the hero dies tragically, with eight kids left behind, of a bee sting?? Maybe to have Violet find a new love, but are we all ready for a sixty year old heroine?


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  1. I knew there was something bothering me about that excerpt! I was expecting Cam to be Daisy’s hero!

    She obviously changed her mind… I wonder why?

  2. I held of on reading the excerpt until I’d finished reading Devil In Winter … and then I was really thrown for a loop to find Cam not set up as Daisy’s hero. But the excerpt for Daisy seems really good … so we’ll see.

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