A little something for the weekend


On my exciting Saturday night home alone, picked up the only movie at the store not already checked out that looked interesting, a new romantic comedy called Something New.

And the whole damn thing was definitely made worthwhile to watch due to the hot, sweaty, hardworking, built hero: Simon Baker. Apparently he’s played on quite a few movies but this is the first time I’ve noticed him.

On a side note my Blonde Guy, who went up north to his parents home to fish for the weekend, ended up slightly wrecking his friends Ninja; sprained his ankle, busted up his hand a bit (nothing broken just sore) and scraped lots of skin off is needless to say not getting much fishing done now. Bugger was trying to show off of course I would imagine and thankfully wasn’t hurt more seriously than his pride was.


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  1. I’ll have to check this one out.

    Valeen, you’re reading Perfect!!

    Is this a first time or a reread?


  2. Oooh – I’m going to have to check this one out too! He appeared on my radar when he was on a show called The Guardian a couple of years ago. He played a real tortured type character. I loved that show and was devastated when it went off the air.

  3. It was a pretty good movie – I cried but when do I not – its worth seeing.

    Fiona – this is my first time reading Perfect, so far I’m only a couple of chapters into it and its a bit slow going. H/H haven’t even met as of yet. JM seems to be a hit and miss for me.

  4. Oh, I so loved The Guardian too.

    Perfect took off for me after the truck stop scene.

    Personally, I hate when a book begins with background information. I think BGI is very boring. I’d rather get it in little snipits and flashbacks throughout the book. Most days, I skim the BGI and then go back and reread it if I get lost later in the book.


  5. That was exactly what I was thinking while reading all the back story. why couldn’t she just have worked those 15 chapters worth of information in little tidbits throughout the book like other authors do?

    This was why I had such a hard time getting through Whitney, My Love as well.

  6. I am SO getting this movie this weekend, I wanted to watch this when it came out but didn’t want to sit through the movie with ghetto people all around me…so I waited, but am glad that you enjoyed it because it makes me want to get it even more…

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