America crowns another King


After a two hour season finale of the 2006 American Idol, Taylor Hicks was crowned. After the performances of the night before its really no wonder. Taylor song-to-be-recorded was perfectly made for his voice while Katherines fell a bit short for her. I can’t even begin to believe that’s the song they wrote for her voice.

Some of the guest appearances were made by:

Toni Braxton – is that a peignoir? was her microphone broken through most of the song? I couldn’t hear her. I also thought she was really trying to over play and it came across as extrememly fake.

Mary J Blige – what possesses a person to wear sunglasses that not only make your ears stick out but you also look frightful for fucks sakes? And it took me awhile to figure out if that was my grandmothers bra or her shirt there.

And one of the nicest moments of the night I thought was when they brought out Clay Aiken to sing behind that little geeky guy when he won the award. The kid was shakin’ he was so excited. And he had a lot of nerve getting up there to sing in front of the entire world like that.

As they were singing last night I kept jumping back and forth. Katherine would come out and she would be fabulous and I’d want her to win. Then Taylor would sing and he’d rock. I was completely on the fence. I thought they both did really wicked last night. Of course the pressure is off by then. I’m happy to see Taylor win – he’s good and he’s a different American Idol from what we’ve seen so far. I’m sure Katherine will get a record deal and do just as well. As will Chris. Maybe even Paris. Hopefully not Elliot.


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  1. I think I’m the only person on the planet who does not watch this program. I never heard any of them sing but I was sort of pulling for Taylor since he was so different.

    Yes, Mary J. Blige looks stupid with those glasses.

    I wish Simon could comment on the guest stars!!! I wonder what he would have to say about Paula’s singing.

  2. Oh I really like Elliot! I think he’s got a great voice and he’s just fun to watch perform, but to each their own I guess…

    At first, I wasn’t at all wanting Taylor to win but last night, I was actually glad he won. I’m from L.A. so Katharine has been getting a lot of radio air time and she sounds like one big dumbass when interviewing and it’s just not cute, it got really annoying, so I was really indifferent to see who won this year’s AI, since I was rootin’ for Chris.

    I agree with you about Mary J. Blige, what the hell possessed her to wear that outfit and those glasses? She looked so flippin’ retarded. And then she drowned out poor Elliot, who couldn’t get in a note edgewise because she was all over the damn place, hello??? You already got a record deal, quit stealing Elliots thunder, you fruitcake!

    So far, Carrie is still the best Idol for me…she got down last night, and Michael Sandecki had me rollin’ when Clay Aiken came on…too effing funny.

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