My total Worth


Stumbled across this website today:

Apparently, I’m worth $1,494,540.00 but some of these definitely had me wondering:

I had 5 grand deducted because I weigh in at 145lbs?? PEOPLE! I’m 5’9 for krist sakes! and another 10 grand taken off because I wear size 10 shoes. WTF?

Apparently because I’m not going bald, don’t visit porn sites and I seldom drink or gamble I don’t get any money either. Got zero for those. Also got zero mullah for never have been divorced. I thought I was doing good on that one.

And an education that cost me 35,000 only pegged me four grand in the education category and then I guess my actual income warranted 5 grand to be deducted.

Oh! and the one I love – my cup size for once didn’t win me any points. LOL

Gender: Female $135,000
Age: 25 $30,000
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian $130,000
Height: 5’9 $25,000
Weight: 145 lbs. ($5,000)
Body Type: Slim $25,000
Hair Color: Brown $5,000
Eye Color: Blue $1,000
Handed: Right $5,000
Body Hair: A Little Hairy $15,000
Shoe Size: 10 ($10,000)
Bald: No $0
20/20 Eyesight: No $0
Bra Size: C $0
Cavities: More than 4 $0
Athletic Ability: Below Average $10,000
Attractiveness: NA $125,000
IQ: NA $90,020
SAT Score: NA $0
HS GPA: NA $24,750
Education: Vocational Training $4,000
Bilingual: No $0
Income: NA ($5,000)
Profession: Construction/Facilities $0
Alcohol: Seldom $0
Smoker: No $15,000
Pot: No $10,000
Drugs: No $10,000
Exercise: Seldom $2,500
Divorced: No $0
Comitted Felony: No $15,000
Watch Television: Occasionally $5,000
Sexuality: Straight $25,000
Style: Average $15,000
Artistic: Average $30,000
Sense of Humor: Average $30,000
Addictive Personality: No $10,000
Give to Charity: No $0
Porn Websites: Never $0
Gamble: Seldom $0

Multiplier x2
Total: $1,494,540


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  1. I’m worth $1,784,566 but they deducted $25 grand for my being divorced. I understand that one but they deducted 25 grand for my weighing 165 lbs and then another 20 grand for my being overweight. Isn’t that like being penalized twice for being fat? I was honest that I’m fat but jeez!

    Although, I did get $148,533 for my IQ so that made me feel a little better.

    Cool site, Val!

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