*yawn* its Monday morning


I need a job where I get to have long weekends every weekend. As much as I loathe my Blonde Guy’s permanent nightshift job he does have it lucky in this aspect. He’s done work at 2:30 am Thursday night and doesn’t go back till 4:30pm Monday afternoon. Long weekend every weekend. Mind you he puts in a 10 hour night each day but still … its worth it for this. I still hate that he works it though.

Got my first Breast Cancer Awareness Awareness quarter today. They’ve been in circulation for about two months now. There will be about 30 million of them produced. And what I didn’t know was that you can actually go into Shoppers Drug Mart and trade a standard issue quarter in for one of these.

And on that note … why the hell are people selling them on ebay then??

Now this … this requires talent. Check out the sand castles.

In between putting the vegetable garden in and fixing up the flower beds, I got in more reading than I thought I was going to be able to do. Finished Emma Holly’s Menage and Lori Devoti’s Love Is All You Need (which I’ll post on later).


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  1. Those castles are great! I barely got any reading done this weekend. Too much gardening – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, right? LOL
    I’ve been looking for Menage, where did you get your copy?

  2. Mine was a copy borrowed from a friend. I’ve tried to get it from the bookstore for the past year and they never can bring it in.

  3. I’m so behind..I’ve never even heard of Menage. Did you enjoy it? Nevermind, don’t tell me, because I have a HUGE TBR pile to get through before I start looking for other books. 😉

    I think those sand castles are great, too. 😉

  4. Did you try through Chapters Valeen? I swear…anyway, yeah, I’ve been looking for Menage and in the meantime I’m going to be reading All U Can Eat soon. I just finished Courting Midnight (review coming soon) and it’s a different style from EH’s contemporaries.

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