Open toed shoes too sexy?


The other weekend I was out shopping and was in RW&Co looking at some new dress clothes for work when I caught a bit of another ladies conversation as they were standing beside me. One of the girls asked the other if she wore sandals to work during the summer – both ladies were about 35 or so. To which the other lady replied “No, I don’t. I think anything open toed is too sexy for the workplace.

Which in turn had me thinking, considering that I wear these sandals pictured on the right every single day to work just about (although mine are last seasons, the straps are twice as wide and don’t have that ugly heart thing). I don’t think their sexy in the least, they are super comfy and a hell of alot cooler than my shoes with socks.

I normally wear capris and skirts all summer long, never anything long so therefore sandals are really my only option. I sure as hell am not wearing pantyhose in 95 degree weather.

Somedays if I’m a little more dressy I’ll wear these or something that looks similar. Are these too sexy for work?

I don’t have a dress code at work other than we are asked to dress up a bit for appearances sakes with clients. I’m also the only female and the rest of the guys don’t seem to realize that there just aren’t dress clothes for girls that are also appropriate for dirty job sites. My boss does growl about my sandals but only because when I’m wearing them it means I can’t go to the construction site at the drop of a hat, I have to change first. He’s never told me NOT to wear them though so I keep at it. This is also the man who thinks there’s nothing wrong with putting my work boots on with a skirt and trotting out, or even with my dress pants. Like hell. I attract enough attention on a job site just from being female, let along a female in a skirt and workboots.

What do you all think? Open toes too sexy?


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  1. I don’t think either of the pics you posted are too sexy. If they were 4 inch stillettos – yes, I would have to say they aren’t really appropirate for the office but I don’t see anything wrong with those.

  2. I am queen of open toed shoes, I hate my feet being restricted in any way, unless it’s raining, and even then if I’m in the car, I’ll often risk it.

    These aren’t too sexy at all.

  3. I don’t think these are too sexy, either. We have a “No Tie Policy” in our office, which means it’s professional casual all the time. I wear shoes just like the ones pictured and even flip-flops sometimes.

    Like tartd said, if you were wearing four inch spiked hooker heels, that would be different.

  4. I found it odd that this woman said no way would she wear sandals to work. I can’t imagine having to go in shoes in the middle of dead heat August.

  5. First of all, whoa I’m hecka digging both of those shoes, good eye! 😉

    Second of all, I don’t think open toed shoes are too sexy at all, but I wear them all the time to work…if they work with the outfit, I think why not…just be sure to paint your toe nails..hehe.

  6. What a weird statement, especially for someone in her 30’s! Those shoes both look totally appropriate for work.

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