The List for May


Another good month and I’m making a decent sized dent in my TBR pile – which is a very good thing. I hope to be completely through it by the end of next month. Hopefully. Then I can stary buying new ones again.

Teresa Medeiros – After Midnight (4)
Judith McNaught – Perfect (3.5)
Lynn Kurland – Much Ado in the Moonlight (4)
Shiloh Walker – Voyeur (5)
Diana Hunter – Secret Submission (2.5)
Kasey Michaels – Beware of Courteous Women (4)
Rachel Gibson – The Trouble With Valentines’ Day (3.5)
Liz Carlyle – Two Little Lies (3.5)
Catherine Anderson – Phantom Waltz (1)
Heather Grothaus – The Warrior (4)
Emma Holly – Menage (3.5)
Cheryl Holt – Too Tempting To Touch (2)
Lori Devoti – Love Is All You Need (4.5)
Jacque D’Allesandrio – Who Will Take This Man? (4)
Lori Foster – Truth or Dare (4)

I have two more on the go right now but since I’m not finished I think I’ll wait and add them to June’s list.


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  1. Holy Canoli, Val!!! I can’t believe how many books you read. In May I only read 5. And here I thought I was doing pretty good considering I had only read 20 books in all of 2004 and 28 in 2005. So far this year I’ve read 25 but I’m sure that doesn’t get anywhere close to you. So tell – how many so far this year? Just so I can feel a little worse!

  2. I have 68 books written down that I’ve read this year. There are usually some review books and ebooks that I forget to jot down though. So maybe another five beyond that I’d say. LOL

  3. Now see, I wish I could be like this. I wish I could actually STOP buying books, read everything that I have in my huge TBR pile and then when those are read, RESUME buying new books. It just makes perfect sense. Now why can’t I do it? Guess ‘cause I’m a book addict. 😉

    68 books! Wow! I only read about 20 this year and not very many this month. Been in a
    reading slump. 😦 Anyway, nice blog!

  4. See, I’m very upset with myself, because last year I read more than 360 books. In one WEEK last year I read 27. But this year…NADA! I think I’ve read 50 some this year and that’s it. Which I know sounds like a lot to some people, but for me it’s not very many at all.

    Good on you, Valeen, for trying to knock out your TBR pile. It sound like there are quite a few of us trying to do this right now. 😉

  5. I got lucky for about a month or so because it was a slow release month, there wasn’t anything out there that I absolutely had to have so I didn’t buy a whole lot. Which let me really whittle the pile down.

    But of course now I’m back to a list of 15 books I need to buy so its gonna pile right back up again.

    27 books in week?? Did you do anything else besides read? If I really sit down to do it I can get through 2 books in a day but never four.

  6. Yeah, Holly is a speed reader! I can’t finish ONE book in a day…my eyes start seeing things and I have to stop but more power to the both of you! 68 books in a month? Nope, I don’t think I’d ever do that and I love to read!

  7. Well, I don’t really sleep much, so when other people are getting their 8 hours of beauty sleep, I’m reading. LOL I only sleep between two and three hours a night, so the rest of the time I read. Plus, I can finish a 300+ page book in about 2.5 hours.

    Sometimes. Lately though, it takes me DAYS to finish a book. *sigh* Verra Depressing. lol

  8. Hello, Valeen…nice to meet you! And I, for one, am glad to see such avid readers here. I’m one myself and it’s nice to see I’m not alone.

    I’m pleased to be in your TBR pile (that’s SECRET Submission, btw 🙂 )and am anxious to hear your opinion. Drop me a line when you’re done and let me know, will you?

    Play safe,

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