Rambling musings…

  • Today is 06/06/06. Some people are calling it the day of the devil. Personally? I think it’s just a regular ole day. Today will be what you make of it. If you cower in the corner of your house all day it will be a miserable day- of your own creation. My hubby said he wasn’t going to leave the house all day (but he had to work so I guess he got over it). I had a dentist appointment this morning. All went well so no worries.
  • I’ve started reading our first “”classic” novel: The Flame and the Flower by Kathleen Woodiwiss. I’m only on page 46 but so far the hero is an asshat and the heroine is afraid of even her own shadow. Where’s my frying pan…
  • I am married to the whitest man on the planet. Yes, he’s caucasian but it’s really more than that. He’s 37 years old, his favorite outfit is a t-shirt (preferrably Nike or Nautica), khaki Ralph Lauren shorts and Nike running shoes. My husband has no rhythm and he likes bad 80’s and 90’s music. Last night, we were driving home from dinner and the song “Tootsie Roll” came on. My uber-white husband rolled down all the windows, opened the sunroof and cranked the volume. I have a Bose stereo in my car so it was loud. He then proceeded to do this karate-chop sort of dance. I commenced laughing histerically.
  • I am Melba, the sex kitten. My hubby and I call each other goofy pet names we usually make up on the spot. Last night we’re sitting in a local Mexican restaurant and my hubby calls me Melba. It caught me funny because Melba is such an un-sexy name. Face it: there are sexy names, like Roxanne, and then there are decidedly un-sexy names and Melba is a prime example. I asked hubby to rate our sex life on a scale of 1 to 10 and he gave us an 11.3. I don’t really know what the .3 would be for and I’m not sure how you could misinterpret the infamous 1-10 scale but, I guess hubby is pretty happy with our sex life. I asked him what he thought I would give our sex life and he said since I could have sex every single day (which is pretty much true) so he thought I would only give it a 3. Not true, says I . I told him I’d give it an 8.5 or a 9 and then only because he doesn’t always make sure I, um, well… finish. Let’s just say he made up for it when we got home 🙂
  • I am going on vacation but it’s not terribly exciting. Thursday morning I’m going to Minnessota to see my extended family. Loads of people take summer vacations to tropical paradises and I get to go to MN. Family will make it fun but I’d love for the family to meet in Hawaii next time.

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  1. LOL, oh no, not the Tootsie Roll! hehe, that’s too funny…cute post! And LMAO, Melba is SO not a sexy name and LUCKYYYYY, so are you a chipper mood today after last night? Too cute…

    Have fun on vacation sweetie, even if its in MN…I’m sure it’ll be fun!


  2. Hahaha about the book…mine came in the mail today. I think I’m gonna stop Shanna for now and start TFATF.

    I think our husbands may be twins separated at birth. LOL


  3. Melba – LMAO! Your husband sounds so funny. Funny men = sexy men, so lucky you. 😛

    Hope you have a blast visiting your family. (And just pretend it’s Hawaii)

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