Hanging my head in shame, admitting to the world…


I love Napoleon Dynamite. Not the actor or even the character particularly but the movie as a whole. It’s just the stupidest, goofiest thing I’ve ever seen and it makes me laugh.

For those that haven’t seen it, I really don’t know how to explain it. There’s no plot to speak of, the setting isn’t real clear but it appears it’s early 90’s.

The main character is Napoleon who is just too goofy for words. Then there’s his older brother, Kip (right of Napoleon) who is training to be a cage fighter and turns gangsta towards the end of the film and his Uncle Rico (left of Napoleon) who just wishes it were 1982 again.

Of corse, we can’t forget Pedro who is running for class President and Deb, his friend who does glamour shots out of her basement and likes dresses with really big sleeves.

Yes, I own this stupid little independent movie that made a whole bunch of moolah. I even have pencils, pens and window clings with quotes from the movie. This is the most quotable movie I’ve ever seen. Some those quotes include:

“Peace Out”
“I’m training to be a cage fighter”
“Try and hit me Napoleon”
“I think you ripped my mole off”
“Girls like guys with skills!”
” I like your sleeves”
“I was hunting wolverines with my Uncle”
“Vote for Pedro”
“Nunchuck skills, bowhunting skills”
“My hair was making my head hot”

Tis enough for you to realize what a complete and utter goofball I am for enjoying this movie so much. Peace Out!


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  1. LMAO!

    One Saturday morning we woke up and turned the tv on … to this movie. We thought it was some independent film that had been released 25 years ago. Until the end when they play the Backstreet Boys. The saddest part is that we watched parts of three or four more times over the day (it was on PPV and running all continously).

    My favourite part is at the end when he’s dancing. hahahaha

  2. I LOOOOOVE ND! So do my little brothers. My youngest bro (who will be 10 in 7 days) does an excellent impression of “Gawd, you’re such an idiot!” LOL My parents think we’re crazy, but this is such a goofy movie. I love the dance scene too.

    You know when ND phones and Kip answers while he’s making some nachos? Watch the last time it shows Kip – the cheese on top of the chips is really high. That always strikes me as so funny because who uses that much cheese? LOL

  3. LOL! I have to tell you, I flat out refused to watch this movie when it was first released, because everyone was raving about it and I just thought it sounded stupid. And then I was home one Saturday and bored out of my mind and it was coming on Cable, so I tuned in..and loved it!

    The ending? LOVE that dance scene. Totally cracked me up. And you’re right about the quotes.

    It was a great movie. Even better? MM’s best friend’s sister lives in (gosh, was this set in Idaho? Right?) where ever the movie was set and said that’s exactly what it’s like there. Exactly. LOL

  4. I have never, EVER seen this movie! I hear about it ALL the time. When I went on my trip to Italy last year with my class, one of the guys wore a “Vote for Pedro” t-shirt. I guess I’m kind of like how you were, Holly. I’ve heard everyone rave about it so much that I’ve just kind of brushed it off as stupid but maybe I’ll give it a looksie. These quotes sound promising and that cheese thing cracked me up. lol.

  5. holly you are just like me in that dept. I have seen the trailers and it look so damn stupid I refuse to rent it LMAO.

    I’m thinking I’ll wait till it comes out on tv lol

  6. OMGosh this is my flippin’ movie! Nobody loves Napoleon as much as I do…LOL.

    I’m loud and proud to admit that lil’ tid bit…

    “Do you drink 1% cuz you think you’re fat? Cause you could totally drink whole milk if you wanted to.”


    “Tina you fat lard, eat YOur DINNER!”


  7. I agree completely. Ther’s no way to explain the plot, and yet it’s a movie I just can’t turn off when it’s on.

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