Adding another …


… blog to the list.

Vamps and Scamps

I found out through Erin McCarthy’s newsletter that she would be joining this group and then I also found the same link through another readers blog, so I decided to check it out.

The cover for McCarthy’s new book cover is up there, High Stakes, its a new vampire story she’s putting out.

I’m a fan of her work, loved almost everything I’ve read of her so far, my only beef is that everything she publishes is released in trade paperback first. And here, in Canada, the cost of trades is about 18-20 dollars – so I almost always end up waiting for it to be released in mass-market. Some I’m beginning to doubt ever will be released in m-m though.

Blog looks good and fun … and the list of contributing authors is below:

Karen Kelley
Lucy Monroe
Shiloh Walker
Janice Maynard
LuAnn McLane
Erin McCarthy


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