So what did you think …


of Voyeur when you read it? I know a couple of you have picked it up … Fiona and Jenn that I can think of off the top of my head.

I read the second one in the series and things move even more in the paranormal direction and I didn’t find it as good as the first one. But still hot. I’m going to read the third one soon.

I picked up The Flame and The Flower last night. So far I’m about 30 pages into it – I don’t really have an opinion on it because things are just starting to happen and I haven’t seen alot of the story.


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  1. that’s one of those classics I’ve been thinking of trying out. hey, just to say I’ve read all the classics lol but the plot doesn’t convince me much. I think I am going to try that other “classic” Flowers From the Storm. I’ve always heard people say that was better. have you read it? is it better?

    I heard the hero in that is awesome. mehehe 🙂

  2. That’s a Laura Kinsale, correct?

    I tried reading one book by her, For My Lady’s Heart, and I wasn’t able to get into it at all. I don’t think I even finished it. Which in turn has completely turned me off reading Kinsale.

  3. Oh! mailyn! Just wanted to say that I love all the blog templates you’ve done, they look amazing.

    I do alot of work with PSP and am just wondering how you are able to get your jpegs transparent (like Holly’s title picture)? and to look so good?

  4. I’m in the middle of the second one…what is the title? Dragon Warrior I think. But it’s on the laptop and I haven’t been home much.

    I have The Flame and The Flower and am taking it with me to TN this weekend (will wave at Jennifer from Dayton).

    Wish me luck!


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