a bitch of a weekend


Although RH says it isn’t true some days I feel as though he goes out of his way to do/say things he knows will piss me off … just to see me get angry. You can’t tell me that after almost seven years he doesn’t know what will set me off by now … and should try to avoid them.

As I’ve mentioned before, he works the night shift – which means we see each other from Friday night to Sunday night. This weekend just by his best friend came to visit and this week he’s leaving Thursday on an all weekend fishing trip. So Friday night for a few hours was the only time I’d get to see him on my own for two weeks.

Doesn’t he go and tell his co-worker that he’ll help do an odd job – and he walks out the door JUST as I’m walking in on Friday night. WHY? Why would he go and make plans to leave in the only few hours I’ll get to spend with him? It doesn’t bother him that he’ll not be actually alone with me, he thinks the time spent together with other people around us is enough. He just doesn’t get it. And then he walks back through the door at the exact same moment his best friend showed up for the weekend at 9pm.

And considering I’m not one who can just turn off anger because there’s someone else around us, I can’t fake being happy, it makes me look the complete and utter bitch (which I can be and was being) because I’m arguing with him in front of his friend.

To him, his friends are everything – and he has loads of them. And hobbies .. the man has more hobbies than I could possibly start listing off. And since he works nights, he has to jam pack his weekends full of me, his friends and his hobbies. Since I have very little of either of those, girlfriends or hobbies, that leaves me with too much time and I end up complaining he’s not doing enough with me.

And it ended up being just one of those times when once one argument starts the entire weekend goes to pot because everything turns into one. And tell me why it is that I can’t argue with the friend in the next room but I’m suppose to have sex with him with the friend in the next room?

Besides that I’m still trying to get through KW’s The Flame and the Flower … I’m on Chapter Five now … WOOHOO.

We’ve had nothing but rain for over two weeks now (40mm predicted for today [1.5inches]).. an odd day with a spot of sun then more rain … and its muggy as hell and completely gross. We are emptying the dehumidifier twice a day already and its only June. And wouldn’t ya know we are scheduled to get the tail end of Florida’s current tropical storm come up the Atlantic and shower us with rain over the weekend.

And god damn it!!! I still can’t Blogger to upload pictures. Everything works, the picture just won’t show up in the compose box .. and therefore not in the post. And its not in the HTML even.


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  1. OMG! I swear, men can be so stupid sometimes. I’m having almost the same issue with MM right now. He signed up for a ton of overtime, so he’ll only have one day off a week…and he works nights (6p.m. to 6a.m.) so on his one day off he’ll want to sleep the entire day away. Plus, he’s leaving in two weeks for a vacation in Montana and will be gone for three weeks. So I’ll only be able to spend 2 days in the next 2 weeks with him (if he doesn’t sleep) and then I wont’ see him for three. WTF? Whew, sorry, didn’t mean to butt in on your rant. LOL

    In any case, I’m with you, sweets. And why, oh why, do men think we want to have sex when we’re angry and other people are around? The penis is evil, I’m telling you. LOL!


  2. Sounds like really the only thing that could make it much worse is for you to start your period!

    Men REALLY don’t get it sometimes.

  3. Wow that really sucks, sorry the bf is being all kinds of dumb. Are you holding out on him? I think you should, until he makes time for you. =)


    Hope it gets better for you sweets! And HOLY SHIT, I know what you’re talking about with blogger and the uploading of pictures, I’m STILL have trouble, everything else works fine but I can’t upload a picture to save my life, I mean I can upload it, but the HTML code doesn’t show up and neither does the picture, but the pop up says that my picture was successfully uploaded, what the hell is up with that?


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