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I finished our first “classic” novel over the weekend. I have read several Kathleen Woodiwiss novels before and this is pretty typical of her work. I didn’t think this book was bad or great. On a scale of 1 to 5, I’d give it a 3. We can chat as other people read and finish the book but I don’t want to list any spoilers. Who is currently reading it?

I went to visit family in Minnessota last week and just got back yesterday. The weather was cold for this time of year (about 50F) and it was very windy so we did a lot of sitting around and just talking. That was nice though. I only get to see these family members once every 2 or 3 years so it was good to be able to spend so much time with them. I also got to take my 17 year old daughter to the Mall of America (the largest mall in the United States) where she happily spent about 4 hours shopping. We had been there once before but she sure did have a good time. We even did the “touristy” thing and ate at “Bubba Gump Shrimp Company” based on the Forest Gump movies. Actually, the food was pretty good and they ask you trivia questions about the movie (which hubby loves so I’ve seen about a million trillion times) so I did really well at the questions. The waitress had to come back and think of some more questions to stump me. She finally did with “What was the bus driver’s name who took both Forest and then his son to school”? Anyone know (without cheating and looking it up)??? Oh, and I got to have great sex when I got home yesterday so overall, the trip was an amazing success!

My husband is FREAKING OUT! He had rotator cuff surgery about 18 months ago on his right shoulder. That is considered major surgery and it takes about a year to fully recover. He knows that he already needs it on his left shoulder too but he’s been putting it off. Well, Sunday morning he woke up and his right shoulder was bothering him again. It’s gotten worse so he went to see his Orthopaedic surgeon yesterday who is sending him for an MRI Friday to determine if he’s torn the muscle again or if the repair they did last time has come unravelled. They took x-rays yesterday and couldn’t tell anything but he did get a shot of cortizone with novocaine in it and it was already hurting again by dinner last night which was a very bad sign and pretty much rules out tendonitis, arthritis flare up, or just a pulled muscle. Now, I feel compelled to point out that my husband is not a wimp – he has a very high tolerance for pain and he’s a pretty “manly man” but, he had a lot of complications with the last surgery which included a collapsed lung and a blood clot and he had to sleep in a hospital bed for 3 months which made our sex life SUCK and he got into a depression by sitting in the house by himself all day for 3 months. So, this was the worst possible news he could have possibly gotten. Oh, and not to mention that this is the time of year where he makes the majority of his money. He has a lawn service and if he has to have this surgery he can’t work for the rest of June, July and most of August! That is really really bad. We won’t be heading to debtor’s prison or anything but it sure does put a crimp on our finances for the next year. See, hubby usually doesn’t work in the winter because he saves enough money over the summer to pay the bills year round. If he’s not working for 3 months at the height of his season – this could cause problems, see? All this on top of my hubby is the world’s biggest woorier and I already know he won’t sleep and he’ll obsess over it until his MRI on Friday. Say a little prayer for him, ‘kay?

So, that pretty much catches everybody up on my world for the last week – what’s new with you?

Oh, and Valeen, I think ALL men unconsciously do things to piss off the women in their lives. I read your post thinking you could be talking about my hubby. You are not alone, sistah!


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  1. Ohhh … I hope he’s okay, it would be nerve racking having to wait till Friday for the test. Will he get the results right away or have to wait till the following week for that? It would drive me insane, I’m a worrier as well.

    I’m on Chapter Six for the Woodiwiss novel … I’m enjoying it, I just haven’t had any time to read – twenty minutes here and there.

    The time with your family sounds fun – I love getting together with all the ones you never get to see.

  2. I also finished The Flame and The Flower. I really liked it. I just couldn’t believe that the two of them were going to stay together for (in my eBook version) 815 pages. I kept waiting for the big split or trip or something! You just don’t see that anymore…consant character interaction.

    Linc has bone spurs in his shoulders. When they remove them it is supposed to be a permanent sugery. He has had it done fives times now (three on left and two on right), so I feel your pain!

    Oh, they definitely do that crap unconsciously. It is just instinctively bred into ’em.


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