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Even though its almost a year away, I’m still trying to think of all the things I want to do and I want things to look. And since I’m absolutely horrid at coming up with ideas on my own, I’ve scoured webpages and magazines for all the ideas I can gather. I tried like a son of a bitch to get him to agree to have the wedding this September but he thought it was way too soon. So now I’m stuck with having to wait over a full year … which is driving me insane. I’m not a patient person, I like to do things now. Right now. So I’ve basically made all the decisions I can possibly make at this point … ceremony site (outside), reception/dance hall, the minister and the wedding party.

Anyone want to throw some ideas out to me? What things have you seen at different weddings over the years that you’ve really liked? That were different and stood out?

Reception ideas, ceremony suggestions, song selections, really neat favours that you’ll never forget, hand made decorations, invitations … and most of all cost saving tips.

What is something you wish you could have done differently at your wedding? And what was something that really saved you? What about something that you are so happy you did?

Any tips, suggestions, ideas … anything, I’d love to hear it all. We are going with an outside ceremony in RH parents backyard and am at a complete loss as to how decorate outside for that.

I wish I could be doing more, I want to do more, I love to plan … but there just doesn’t seem to be anything.


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  1. I’ll have to think on this some more but one thing does come to mind. I attended a wedding once where they had little glass fishbowls on each of the tables at the reception that had 2 goldfish in them. They had candles and some of the clear stones in and around them and at the end of the evening, they invited people to take them home as souveniers. They were really cheap, cute and memorable.

  2. I love outdoor weddings. I told MM that in ten years IF we get married, I want to do it at the beach, at sunset, while wearing a bikini and a sarong. That probably won’t happen (either the wedding or the bikini/sarong) but I like the idea all the same. LOL

    As for some cute ideas, I like TartD’s fishbowl idea. I was recently at a wedding where the couple did the same thing, only instead of putting goldfish in it, they just put colored marbles in the bottom and had flowers in the top. It was cute.

    Another cute thing I saw (this was after the wedding) was a different idea for a thank you card. On the front was a black and white photo of the bride and groom kissing and standing in front of them were the flower girl and ring bearer(sp??) with their hands covering their eyes.

    Otherwise, I didn’t have a wedding, so I can’t really offer ideas. I like the idea of an arbor, though, for a backyard kind of thing.


  3. Hey I was going to suggest the fish in the bowl as the centerpiece, that’s what we did for my sister’s wedding, a long time ago and I remember it was SO pretty.

    As far as wedding favors went, oh gosh, I went to my friends wedding last year and their favors were a simple white box wrapped with a ribbon in the wedding color, a pretty ribbon that wrapped around the entire box making it look like a mini present with a simple cardstock Thank You note from the Bride and Groom, inside the box was one chocolate ball thingy which was really good it was like a truffle but not really, it was sprinkled with almond bits and sat atop a bit of tissue paper. It looked really easy and she said it was pretty cheap as far as favors went, I’m thinking of doing it at my wedding (whenever taht will be, LOL) so I think you should think about that…I’ll have to find a picture of what I mean, but it was nice, simple and really cute.

  4. Love the fish in the bowl idea!

    I like invitations with pizazz. Invitations are all the same…boring! I had a friend who got married on the beach and mailed everyone an inviation in a bottle with sand…of course, she only invited 20 couples, so it was do-able.

    I’m Irish and we played traditional Irish hymns during the ceremony and I walked down the aisle to the Uilleann. We made a cd with the ceremony and reception music on it for everyone to take home.

    I like practical gifts. My niece did a decorated margarita glass with marbles and a candle for her wedding last weekend. What are you going to do with one glass?


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