just when I was almost through the pile


I just had to go and read KristieJ’s blog this morning and find out that Chapters was having a buy three get one free sale … just had to do it. I was almost through my damn pile.

And then it was my luck that there were five books that I wanted so of course I had to make sure I got the best of the deal … so I ended up choosing eight book.

Anywhoo … this is what I got: (any I should bump to the top of the list?)

Emma Holly – Personal Assets
Cindy Gerard – To The Brink
Erin Grady – Whispers
Kinley MacGregor – Sword of Darkness
Lynn Viehl – If Angels Burn
Michelle Rowen – Bitten & Smitten
KMM – Spell of the Highlander
Katie MacAlister – Even Vampires Get the Blues


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  1. You haven’t read Spell yet? I’d bump that one up, cuz Cian rocked. ;0)

    Otherwise, I haven’t read any of those except Sword of Darkness and IT SUCKED A$$. IMO, anyway. LOL


  2. I did read Spell when it first came out, I borrowed the hard cover copy from a friend, I just needed to add it to my collection.

    I didn’t enjoy Cian in the least, I thought he was such an ass.

  3. Bitten and Smitten got a bad review from Bam (I think) so don’t bump that one up. I have Sword of Darkness and Even Vampires Get the Blues in my TBR. I’ve read Personal Assets and Spell of the Highlander. I say: read Spell first.

  4. Really, you didn’t? Too funny! I loved Cian. If I wasn’t so loyal to Daegus, I’d say Cian had been bumped up to my new favorite KMM hero.

    oh well, to each his own, right?

    On second thought, I think you should read SoD, because I’m curious if you’ll enjoy it or hate it as much as I did…

  5. I got halfway into Lynn Viehl’s If Angels Burn and gave up. Let me know what you think. For some reason I just could not get into it.

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