As my boredom grows …


and I’m completely unable to think of anything interesting to chat about – besides wedding stuff – here are some random points of interest I’ve found while blogging around today:

Bookseller Chick has up two really wicked ads up of what she thought would be better to sell the new Spice line … compared to the ad Harlequin has actually come up with – see it here. I absolutely love both her ideas … too bad Harlequin wouldn’t hire her on to make them true … and it is completely something that would appeal to me.

Harlequin also has a new contest out to celebrate the release of the Spice line … definitely stuff worth winning.

The Book Bitches are going to have an interview with Janet Evanovich up later on today -can’t wait for that!

Anyone else waiting for Twelve Sharp to be released? Ranger or Morelli for you?

(and on a side note, scroll below the JE questions and there is some serious eye candy)

Keishon has a good post up about authors who have the best dialogue in their novels . Dialogue is one of the most important aspects of a novel for me, I have to have and the more there is the better. If there is too much description and observations I start to skim till I find dialogue. Anyone have any suggestions of authors that are really good at this?


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  1. I already have Twelve Sharp. I can’t wait to read it (probably tonight). I’m a Morelli girl, but after the last one my interest in Ranger has spiked way up.

  2. Twelve Sharp isn’t out here until 1 July apparently.

    I’m the same as Holly. Cupcake from way back but Ranger did become very attractive in the last book. Reading the description over at Book Bitches it seems as though this book is all about Ranger as well.

  3. I just saw Twelve Sharp at Costco … but I didn’t buy it as its in hardcover – although it was hard not too.

    I’m the same as both of you … I’ve always been a Morelli girl who’d jump in the sack with Ranger in a second. But after Eleven, I’m really liking what I see with Ranger. I enjoy learning more about him. But I think Morelli is the one to settle down with.

  4. I think I have most of the series in HB, so I didn’t mind buying this one. Normally I refuse to spend the money on them, but in this case I made an exception, because I already know I love her books. 🙂

    I agree that Morelli is the one to settle down with, but I’m not sure that Steph ever will..settle down, I mean.

  5. I think that the series is going to have to end eventually … before it goes on too far (like Friends) and it will be very very interesting to see just how JE goes about it. Will Steph settle? Will it be for one of these two? And if so, who would the other one every end up with?

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