Red Lily by Nora Roberts


Nora Roberts Red Lily

Red Lily
Nora Roberts
Third Novel – In The Garden Trilogy
ISBN: 0515139408

Published November 2005



Hayley loves her life in Memphis: her precious baby girl, Lily, her job at the In the Garden nursery, and her close friendships with her boss, Roz, and coworker Stella. Hayley isn’t about to risk all this on the chance that Roz’s son, Harper (his mother’s last name), might be interested in her. But when her desire for Harper finally proves to be too strong to resist, Hayley discovers not only that Harper feels the same about her but also that everyone is delighted to see them together. In fact, the only one who seems upset by her new relationship is the “Harper Bride” ghost, who, after nearly a century of unthreatening behavior, is suddenly turning violent. Now if Hayley wants her budding romance to flourish, she must find a way to root the Harper Bride out of all of their lives. The consistently excellent Roberts brings her In the Garden trilogy to a spooky, sexy conclusion with this spellbinding romance that beautifully celebrates the power of love in all its guises.
John Charles Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved

Of the three stories, Red Lily is by far my most favourite.

In Blue Dahlia, I found Logan to be too ambivalent, it was horrible. He just didn’t seem to care whether he won the girl or not, he wasn’t intriguing enough to grab me into the book. In Black Rose, I found Roz and Mitch quite blah … except for the sassy banter Roz would dish out.

But in Red Lily, Harper is the sweetest, most possesive and romantic hero I’ve seen in awhile. He truly loves Hayley from the beginning and has for all the years she’s lived in his mother’s house although he’s tried to tamp it down. Hayley was a fun heroine, she was funny to read about, very sassy and independant. She did begin to grate on my nerves with the constant whining about it being weird she was dating her friends son – continuously! I wanted to scream at her to get over it and jump him some more.

Finally learned the secrets of the Harper Bride … which was one of the main reasons I fought through the first two books. That and I just knew it was Harpers book I was most looking forward to.


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  1. So many people don’t like NR, but I still love her books, I liked this series and loved this book. Harper was worth waiting for.

  2. I felt the same way about this series, Val. I think by the third book I was ready to find out what was going on with the ghost and I wanted to get to Harper’s story. I didn’t much like the woman in the first story – I thought she was a little curt and cold sometimes. I liked Black Rose better and Red Lily was my favorite of all of them.

  3. I liked this series as well with Black Rose my favorite and Red Lily a close second. I had to turn on word verification because the spam got so bad (especially one with a thumbnail image of a creepy looking guy that posted over and over).

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