I hate my period (like the graphic, by the way?). I just hate it. We’re not going to have any more children so I have absolutely no use for it. Really, it is just a pain. Literally, a pain in my ASS!

In recent months, I’ve started having lower back aches during my “time of the month” (let’s just call it TOM for convenience sake, okay?). I didn’t even know back aches could be one of the side effects but apparently, they can be. I was having a terrible back ache and cramping so I went to the store to get some Midol and one of the bottles actually said for back aches. Woo-hoo! I hadn’t even thought that TOM could be the cause of my back ache. The good news is the Midol really does help. The bad news is, now, every freakin’ month I get back aches. This is really starting to piss me OFF!

It’s not even mostly my back – it’s my lower back like my hips are aching, like the upper part of your butt. I know this sounds utterly rediculous but I’m in a bad mood and I feel like whining and since it’s my blog, I get too.

So, last night I wake up at 4:19, have to take care of some things in the bathroom, and get back in bed. I lay down for 5 seconds and realize my back is killing me so I have to get back up and take a Midol. I come back to bed for the second time and have the following conversation with my husband:

Hubby: “What’s wrong?”
Me: “My back is killing me. Why are you awake?”
Hubby: “My shoulder hurts.”
Me: “Did you take a pain pill?”
Hubby: “Yes.”
Me: “What time?”
Hubby: “2:59.”
Me: “That’s very specific.”
Hubby: “I looked at the clock.”
Me: “Normally if we were both awake at this time of night I’d say we should have sex but I don’t think either of us is up to it” {aside -damn TOM!!!}
Hubby: “I think someone stold the grill off the side porch.”
Me: “I don’t think so. I saw it yesterday. You got the big black bag off the porch though – that’s probably what you’re thinking of.”
Hubby: “I’ll go check.” Yes, he gets up in the middle of the night to see if the grill is gone.
He comes back…
Hubby:” Nope, it’s still there. Maybe I dreamed it. What a stupid thing for me to dream.”
He gets back in bed and we snuggle which made me settle back down and go to sleep.

Jeez, I love that man!


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  1. LOL – cute!

    I had a conversation with RH at 4am this morning as well (actually it was about 3:48am since you were being specific) but mine went something like this:

    “Jesus Christ!”
    “What did I do?”
    “You scared the living shit out of me, don’t slam down on the bed like that”
    he says he didn’t of course … when does he ever agree
    then me:
    “I smell pot. Why do I smell pot? Do you want me to buy the 100ft hose at Costco tomorrow?”
    “Since you’re awake, you wanna have sex?” (((THIS at 4am!)))
    “Fuck off, I’m going to pee.”

    On a side note my co-worker finally brought me the baseball bat he’s been promising me for the past two years – now I can give up the ax handle I’ve been sleeping with for that long. (remember … I’m alone till 3am every night). I have to be very careful not to use it on RH when he scares the shit out of me at night.

  2. Okay, how funny is it that I’M the one who brings up sex at 4AM to hubby and he ignores me versus your hubby bringing it up to you and you telling him to fuck off.

  3. tartd, do you have kids? Because after I had my daughter I started getting that same back pain during that time of the month (I liked the TOM thing..LOL) and when I had my son I had HORRIBLE back labor with him. They say if you have back pains during TOM then you’ll have back labor during childbirth as well. Just FYI.

    And just so you’re not left wondering, it’s the most horrible experience EVER! I thought regular labor was bad with my daughter, but it didn’t even come close to the pain I felt in my back during the birth of my son.

    There are some days, now, when I can’t even walk because of the back pain. Sorry if I’m not helping. LOL

    I’m laughing at the both of you having those convo’s at 4 a.m. Too cute.

  4. I like coming on here and reading the things you guys talk about with your SO…you guys are adoroable!

    LOL- TOM! hehe.

  5. Oh I feel ya on this period pain. Whenever my TOM (lol) comes around I seem to have stomach cramps, muscle aches, fatigue…the whole nine yards. It really sucks sometimes. Okay, well, it sucks ALL the time. lol.

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