What is the deal with omelets?!?!?


Why are they so popular in romance novels? You always read about the hero and heroine making them for each other. I’ve never made an omelet in my life and they don’t appeal to me either so WHY is this the quintessiential romance novel food???

Pasta is often mentioned as well but that one I can understand. The Italians are very romantic and thinking of Italian restaurants often brings to mind soft music and candlelight so the pasta gist I get but what the hell do omelets have that are romantic?

I wish authors would get a little freakin’ more original. Omelets – YUCK!

Yes, I just read another passage that talked about making omelets and I wasn’t able to digress. Sorry.


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  1. There were 3 references in “Bad Boys Online” by Erin McCarthy but it just got me to thinking just how many other books do this same thing. It’s so unoriginal.

  2. I’d never thought about this before you mentioned it, but you are so right! Just about every book (contemp, anyway) mentions an omlette in at least one scene. Generally when the hero needs to feed the heroine.

    Do you suppose maybe it’s because men can’t cook and even the simplest of them shouldn’t have trouble with eggs? LOL

  3. Yeah, if an ommelet is made right, I’m always down for the cause of eating it. But you are right, a lot of the heroes DO make a lot of ommelets…I think it’s becuase they can’t cook anything else.

  4. It’s some kind of allusion to fertility, I think. Imagine if the woman were cooking him big sausage links or something. That would be just as appropriate.

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