Je Joue


I somehow managed to get an email in my junk mail folder this morning containing the newest Babeland toys.

And by geezus, they now have an ipod for your pants. WTF? Called Je Joue — in English, ‘I Play’ — (appropriate, no?) It actually has groove vibrations, you choose the set you want based on how you want things to go down. The bloody thing even comes with a USB cord to plug into your computer so that you may download new vibration sets.

Intriguing … and from the review sounded wicked.

So I checked it out, continued to look through and then this is where I got shocked and had to blog about it — when I came to the price – $290 US dollars for a god damn vibrator!!! Seriously?!!



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  1. LMAO! And IPod for your underwear that costs $290.00????

    I’ll just stick with good ole BOB, I think.

    That’s kind of funny when you think about it. It comes with a USB cord, you say?


  2. So wait, you can download or upload really, different vibrations? Wow. LMAO…hehe…that’s a lot of money…but, hmm…LMAO, j/k.

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