Kiss Me While I Sleep by Linda Howard


Kiss Me While I Sleep
Linda Howard
ISBN: 0345453441

Release Date: April 26, 2005
Page Count: 384 pages

Cover: About three quarters of the way through the book, the cover became appropriate. And that is always nice to see, a cover that actually has something to do with an event in the book. LOL


CIA contract agent Lily Mansfield has been a ruthless, professional assassin for nearly 20 of her 37 years, but her work takes a personal turn after the young girl she rescued off the street as a baby, and the friends that were raising her, are killed. Lily turns renegade and avenges their deaths with a brilliantly executed murder, but she soon finds herself hunted by an evil family, embroiled in a plot that threatens the safety of the world, and chased by handsome CIA agent Lucas Swain, who has been charged with bringing Lily back by any means necessary. Though Howard’s latest offering (after Cry No More) is far flung, the high energy story line translates well to audio thanks to the compelling performances of Hill and Bean. The duo deftly tackle the story’s many intonations and foreign accents, and their skillful use of nuance lends some depth to Howard’s larger-than-life characters.
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Most definitely not Ms. Howard’s best work to date, there are so many other books I loved more. But it was still an enjoyable read, at least to me.

Right from the get-go Lily is an independant, completely capable of taking care of herself and business. Watching her escape, change disguises and fool all those around her was quite comical.

Very typical storyline of hero doesn’t tell heroine who he really is, they fall in love, then he thinks its too late to tell her … then he eventually doesn’t have any choose but to let her know he betrayed her. But Swain made it different … he was very capable, possessive, so typically male in that his very first thought from the start was sex.

The suspense end of the story was actually a bit lacking for me, I didn’t find it thrilling or suspenseful and everything fell into place a bit too easily for the entire operation. I felt a tad bit cheated with the ending – we got no major apology from the hero, no real explanation from him either, no grand gesture, it was just too easy.


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  1. I loved some aspects of this book, but others left me feeling rather cold.

    Lily’s quick acceptance of Swaim just made me clench my teeth. She was so skeptical of everyone and everything and then he shows up and she just says, “Oh, ok, works for me” Sooo not in keeping with the character LH led us to believe she was.

    The ending is another MAJOR issue I have with this book. I hated it. It was very abrupt and there was no closure to speak of. IM -not so humble- O, the Epi should have been the last chapter and we should have an entire other Epi. SO many questions were left unanswered, such as Swaim’s issues with his kids, and the grand gesture you spoke of.

    Still, I loved other parts of it, and I bawled like a baby at the end. LOL

    Oh, and the leather coat scene. I LURRRVED that scene.

    “You drive a hard bargain.”
    “That’s not all I drive that’s hard,” he muttered, reaching between them to unzip his fly. “Bend over.”

    Yes, sir, right away, sir. LMAO!

    Love that scene. 😉

  2. LMAO! yes! I loved that scene! I think I’m going switch that for the hero quote in the side bar.

    And when Swain first realized he was in love with Lily:

    The bottom of his stomach dropped out, and his heart started pounding as he realized exactly what had happened, how he’d been blindsided. “Jesus God,” he said aloud. Despite the cool day, he broke out in a sweat.
    Lily looked up at him, puzzled. “What?”
    “I’m in love with you.” He said it starkly, in shock at the realization of what he was feeling.

  3. Oh dang, I remember this book and though I DID like it, I didn’t LOVE it like I do so many of her other books. But I did love Swains personality. He was such a man’s man and a goofball to boot, which is something we don’t see too much in LH’s book heroes. LH tends to lean toward the super serious, cranky alpha heroes and it was good to see a mesh of all that plus the goofiness and boyishness of Swain.

    Lily’s easy acceptance of Swain got on my nerves too and I hated how there was so many things left open at the end, because I don’t really see a sequel for this book so she should have closed everything and tied everything up real nicely but she didn’t. It was like, she wanted the book finished and done with already and just ended it, as is. Wasn’t cool.

    But those quotes, YUM! Gotta love Lucas Swain!!!

  4. I really liked this one but then I love just about everything she’s written with a few minor exceptions. I came oh so close to crying when she thought he (well don’t want to spoil it but you know what I mean – near the end there). Also with all the talk of bird flu I thought it very erie because this was published before it became a major scare.

  5. I liked it, but it wasn’t the best LH I’ve read (and I haven’t read many). I thought the bit with her nekkid in the leather coat was hot. 😛
    But I agree with you Valeen – everything fell into place just right.

  6. I saw this one in the UBS the other day but then I ended up getting To Die For instead. Guess I made a good choice then… 🙂

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