100 things about Jennifer


1. I got my screen name (TatrD) from my miniature Dachshund/Chihuahua mix name Tater Dog.
2. I’ve read romance novels since I was 14 years old (almost 20 years).
3. In junior high, my friend and I avidly read all the Sweet Valley High novels.
4. My favorite book growing up was “Are you there God? It’s me, Margaret”. I was stunned someone would talk about menstruating in a book and it made me feel like I wasn’t alone.
5. My husband and I dated for 5 years before we got married.
6. We are one of the only couples I know who dated for over a year and did NOT live together prior to getting married.
7. I never liked my name because there are 28 million other Jennifers in America.
8. I always wanted a cool nick name and never had one (still don’t).
9. I never shot a gun before last fall and now I love my Rutger .357 magnum snub-nose 5 shot revolver. Don’t fuss with me – I’ll blow a cap in yo ass.
10. I had a child at 16 years old and everyone thought I should have had an abortion. I know my daughter is glad I didn’t.
11. Much to everyone’s surprise, I not only finished high school but graduated a year early.
12. I never went to college.
13. Despite #12, I make almost six figures – screw all those people who thought I was just another teenage pregnancy statistic.
14. I’m embarrassed to admit I know my real IQ (and not from one of those bullshit on-line tests). It’s 138 and I’m pissed that my mom’s is 10 points higher.
15. I’ve never had a broken bone or even stitches.
16. I never had braces and am considering them now, at the age of 33, ugh.
17. My husband is my biggest supporter and makes me feel like I can do anything.
18. I’m an insurance agent but would quit in about 1 second if we could afford it.
19. I want to be a good old fashioned house wife.
20. And a writer in my spare time.
21. It pisses me off when people put alot instead of a lot. Dumbasses.
22. I can never remember how to spell vaccum. I mean vaccuum. I mean, vacuumm. Shit.
23. I curse too much. My husband doesn’t like it but sometimes I think it’s fun.
24. I’m one of those people who other people glare towards at stop lights because their music is blaring.
25. Potatoes are my favorite food. Once, I ate nothing but different forms of potatoes for an entire day. I was very proud of myself.
26. I’m an avid amateur photographer.
27. Romantic comedies are my favorite.
29. I always said I liked guys with blond hair and blue eyes but I always dated brunettes. I came to my senses eventually – hubby is blond haired and blue eyed.
30. Only in the last couple years have I developed a couple close women friends. I haven’t really had them since high school and I missed them.
31. I don’t like for people to touch me.
32. Except for hubby and my daughter.
33. I like for hubby to touch me A LOT.
36. One of my friends says I like sex more than anyone she knows. I think other people like sex just as much but are lying. Probably. Maybe.
37. My family, especially my sisters, think I’m a prude when it comes to sex. If they only knew!
38. I always wanted to have a big brother.
39. I have typical “middle child syndrome”, I crave a lot of attention, was very mature for my age and I am the “jokester”.
40. I love to scrapbook and sometimes get together with friends to do it for 3 straight days.
41. I’m embarrassed that all my hobbies are sedentary – reading, photography, scrap booking. It makes me want to do something to get off my ass.
42. Deep down – I’m lazy and I hate it.
43. I am emotionally needy and require a lot of attention from my husband. He’s the same way so it works for us.
44. I do not like for other women to touch my husband. It makes me want to punch them in the neck.
45. Sometimes my brain gets going to quickly for my mouth to keep up and I’ll scrunch words together. Like if I was thinking “that tall, fat guy” I might say, “that tat guy”. My friend Robin literally points and laughs at me when this happens.
46. One day I’d like to meet Valeen in person but part of me feels more open with her since that’s highly unlikely.
48. I like to put corn on top of my mashed potatoes and brown gravy on top of that and eat them all together.
49. I do not eat any kind of bean. None.
50. I am a “super-taster”.
51. I believe the world is basically good as are the people in it.
52. God is in control of our lives and it isn’t up to us to understand what’s happening or why. We must have faith in his plan for us. I feel bad for atheists and agnostics.
53. I don’t think I believe in ghosts but it seems like a lot of unexplainable things happen.
54. I wish there was a big foot and a Loch Ness monster but don’t think there are. I do believe there are still thylacines.
55. I wanted to go to Duke University and study biology to become an ichthyologist.
56. I took a test in high school that said I should be an astronomer or a zoologist.
57. I’ve ridden an elephant.
58. I’ve ridden a camel.
59. I’ve had my hand in a rhinoceros’ mouth.
60. I’ve had a giraffe’s 20 inch tongue touch me. It was gross and amazing at the same time.
61. I really really want to drive a race car. Really fast.
62. I do not want to bungee jump or jump out of a plane.
63. My daughter is beautiful – no she really is. People aren’t just saying that.
64. My husband and I apparently can’t have children but we don’t know why. We’ve been married for over 8 years and haven’t used birth control since the day we married.
65. I used to want to have a baby really bad but I’m happy now.
66. My daughter is 17 and I don’t want to start all over by having a baby but I think the older my hubby gets the more he’ll want to. Too bad.
69. I wish I could read people’s minds. That would be cool.
70. People would be really mad at me if they could read my mind.
71. I like it when people fall down. It really makes me laugh.
72. I like my nephew much better at 14 than I did at 9. He was a pain in the ass.
73. I hate that my parents got divorced and my dad lives so far away.
74. I’m closer now to my dad than I’ve been in my entire life.
75. My mom is the smartest person I know.
76. I need to lose 50 (more) pounds. Damn it. Why did I let myself get fat? Shit.
77. I’m eating a Krisy Kreme doughnut. Starting diet tomorrow. No, Wednesday – really.
78. I talk to myself – a lot.
79. I’m pissed off that Keith Urban married Nicole Kidman because I really like him and I think she’s a bitch.
80. I wish Brooke Shields would kick Tom Cruise’s ass.
81. I think I could be an actress – it doesn’t look hard.
82. I like to gossip but then feel guilty.
83. I’ve never even heard of the band Iron & Wine before today but I really like them.
84. I wish I had an Irish or some other cool accent.
85. I want to travel the world.
86. My husband only wants to go to the Smoky Mountains and the Gulf Coast of FL.
87. I could go to Walt Disney World every year.
88. You have to get popcorn at the movies, a hot dog at a baseball game, and cotton candy at the circus. It should be a rule.
89. I love music. It’s a big part of my life.
90. I have a list of I-pod songs for an I-pod that I don’t have (yet).
91. I think grown people who have My Space pages are total freakin’ idiots.
92. My second toe is longer than my big toe.
93. I thought I was an inch taller than I really am for 18 years.
95. I love it when my husband touches my face when he kisses me.
96. I don’t have a birth mark but I cut the end of my pinky-finger off when I was 2. Now the tip is aquiline.
97. I want to write a book and be published one day.
98. I want to go to heaven.
99. I got divorced at 19. Best thing that ever happened to me.
100. I thought I was in love with 3 men before my husband. I was wrong.


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  1. I had a good time reading this Jennifer. Very interesting. I especially liked #44. LOL I keep imagining a woman’s fist connecting with the side of another woman’s neck, and I crack up. 😛 I’m sick, I know it.

    I’m also guilty, because I was supposed to do this list two weeks ago.

  2. Aww! Those were awesome answers. I’m thinking about doing 100 MORE things about me, which is really because I’m an attention whore and talk a lot. *g*

    Those would be my first 2. 😉

    MM is 6’1″, and I feel like a dwarf around him most of the time (I’m 5’3″). I, too, like it when he touches my face when he’s kissing me.

    Oh, and uh, I have a MySpace page. LOL I started it to keep in touch with my baby brother while he’s away at college, but then I found a bunch of my old high school pals on there, so I check it once or twice a week now. 🙂

  3. Oh my god, how did you do that so fast?? I’m only on number 30 and I’ve been working on it all day.

    I laughed my way through most of it. LOL – so good! I love all of those!

    So many things apply to me as well!! I should just say refer to Jenn’s #such and such.

    85 and 86 – I hear ya!! I had one hell of a time convincing him to go to Ireland for krist sakes!!

  4. You guys make me want to do one of these!

    I LOVED “Are you there God? It’s me, Margaret”. It helped me while growing up too. I also loved “Forever”.

  5. I’ve never even heard of the book “Are you there, God? Its me, Margeret.” What is it?

    #13 – and you should be SO proud of this!!

    #44 – this is me too!

  6. Holy crap, this was great! I loved reading your 100 things, TatrD…I curse a lot too, I should stop though…I love this business, go you and Valeen for doing your 100 things!

  7. Val – Judy Blume wrote “Margaret” in 1970. It’s about an adolescent girl who’s waiting to get her period and grow breasts and she’s moved to a new school and has to adjust to a new group of friends. I remember it talking about her stuffing tissues in her brand new training bra. It actually made Time magazine’s list of 100 best novels since the 1920’s. I don’t know a girl who grew up in the 70’s that didn’t read it then or in the early 80’s.

  8. I agree with the sex stuff! I love sex. My husband and I do it almost every day. We can’t get enough!

    My close girlfriends, whom I have shared my love for sex with, think I am crazy. They could take it or leave it. I think they are lying!

    Or maybe their husbands are bad lovers!

    I read “Are you there God, It’s me Margaret” so many times when I was a girl I wore out my book!

    When I was a girl Norma Klein was my favorite author. Do you remember her? And I loved Judy Blume’s “Forever”.

    What a great list!

  9. I loved “Are You There God It’s Me Margaret” too. I guess I’ll have no use for it raising my own kids since I have all boys.

    Tatr – we read the entire series of “Couples” by M.E. Cooper NOT Sweet Valley High (that was about the twin sisters – I read maybe 3 of those). I’m embarrassed to say that I actually have almost the whole set of the “Couples” series. It meant a lot to me growing up though. Those people represented what I wanted to be in High School.

    I love sex, I just let myself get too exhausted to initiate it enough. Once I’m in it I LOVE IT!

    My husband didn’t lose hair on his knees, but around his ankles. When he was in the Navy he had to wear double wool socks all day, every day (he was near the Great Lakes so it was cold). It sort of looks funny/cute, but I also think it would be a great marketing strategy for women so they could do this for 6-8 weeks and hopefully never have to shave their legs again.

    Tatr- I’ve known you for 20-1/2 years now and there’s still stuff I learned about you on this list. There were also things that were confirmed for me here that I knew about you but wasn’t sure AND there were things I’d noticed, but never said anything about – i.e., #45 – you’ve messed your words up, but that’s one thing I’ve always like about you and found funny.

    I don’t think people with MySpace pages are dumb if it’s tasteful and done like Holly. I don’t have a page, but it’s a great way to find people you use to know.

    Thanks for the list!

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