100 Things About Valeen


1. I was born on Halloween
2. I have two sisters and a brother
3. The youngest is 14 years younger
4. After 7.5 years, my boyfriend and I will finally be getting married July 7, 2007
5. I hate the word boyfriend … it doesn’t seem to imply all it needs to in some cases.
6. He is my first real love.
7. We split once at the end of high school.
8. It took me two years to get over him – then he started calling again.
9. I never wear sunscreen, even though I completely understand the need for it.
10. I have two feet of thick heavy hair
11. Its taken me four and a half years to get it this way
12. I have huge ideas but I am NOT a crafty person, therefore I can’t make them come to life
13. Jesus Christ – how does everyone get to 100 things?
14. I swear.
15. Constantly.
16. I hate when people talk on their cell phones while at a cash register
17. My grandfather is sick with what looks like Alzheimers but yet it isn’t.
18. I once bumped a car in the movie parking lot and drove away.
19. I put my mothers brand new car in the ditch in the middle of snow storm.
20. She still doesn’t know, its been five years.
21. I never forget anything and will always bring it up in an argument.
22. I exagerate.
23. I bought my first new house at age 22.
24. I changed majors in university four times, three different schools.
25. My boss acts like my father most days.
26. I spend WAY too much time online while at work.
27. I love country music.
28. I cry over everything and anything.
29. I can stay mad for days.
30. I could spend days watching music videos.
31. I spend way too much money.
32. I wear a size 10 or 11 shoe.
33. I picked potatoes in the fields every fall while growing up.
34. My best friend from childhood to high school is now a coke addict.
35. We haven’t spoken in years.
36. I’ll see people I know and avoid them – if I don’t feel like small-talking.
37. I met my boyfriend at a party when we were 16 … he passed out while kissing me.
37. I was attacked by my fathers german sheppard at the age of 8
38. He bit me nine times and came within 1/8 of an inch of hitting my main artery
39. I hate living in the city.
40. My favourite food is potatoes … any form of them.
41. Except scalloped.
42. I also pile my vegetables on top of the potatoes and slather it in butter.
43. I had a breast reduction at the age of 18
44. I had a 25-inch waist at 5’8″ and I wore a 34F bra.
45. Sweet Home Alabama is my favourite movie.
46. I’ve seen Aladdin at least 200 times.
47. I still have a pink blanket and pink elephant that were put in my crib the day I was born.
48. If I could do anything in the world …. I’d sing for a living.
49. I can’t sing a tune in a bucket.
50. I own almost 600 books.
51. I started reading romance at the age of 12
52. I’m a flirt.
53. I’m a bitch.
54. I’d be more friendly but I always think I’m coming across as annoying.
55. I wish I had the ability to make friends with everyone I meet.
56. I really want to be fashionable
57. But it never works out that way.
58. I open my mouth LONG before thinking.
59. I was a cheerleader in high school … and we were good.
60. I’m a controller.
61. I hate cheese. Except on pizza.
62. Bruce Springsteen – Born In The USA is one of my favourite albums.
63. I loved Joey McIntyre as a kid.
64. And Davy Jones from the Monkees
65. My parents divorced when I was four.
66. My father passed away when I was 21.
67. He was the first person on either side of my family of to ever die. (aunts/uncles/cousins/grandparents, etc)
68. He started a trend.
69. Deep down (well not so deep) I too am lazy. And hate it.
70. I’d love to meet all my online friends in person someday.
71. I’d love to be a housewife … without any kids.
72. I would love to have a massive all-out wedding.
73. I love popcorn.
74. I tried marijuana just once …. I felt out of control and hated it, never again.
75. I’m always right.
76. I hate to argue
77. But I’m an extremely argumental person
78. My first drunk was at age 12 – I got caught and grounded for the entire two months of summer.
79. My two friends of the same age also got caught … and got no punishment.
80. I refuse to touch raw meat.
81. I put too much stock in romance novels.
82. I have really high expectations for everyone around me
83. I would love to have more self-confidence
84. Little things annoy me
85. I like everything to have its place. And stay there.
86. My nit-picky brain tells me its okay for my things to neatly lay around in the open but I put all my boyfriends things away in their place.
87. I hate doing the dishes.
88. I dream about winning a shopping spree to the bookstore
89. I like surprises
90. I have no patience for anything.
91. I’d rather ask a question at work than look the answer up. Its faster. And easier.
92. I love little kids – I’d love to work with them.
93. I had a summer reading program for kids as a summer job in college and wish I could have kept it up.
94. I would love to volunteer – in the hospital, at a kids/woman/animal shelter but I’d spend more time crying than anything else. I couldn’t do it.
95. I have two spoiled cats.
96. I love plants – they are all over my house.
97. I have to buy them constantly because I kill them in bursts.
98. I’ll argue with my boyfriend in front of anyone. I can’t hold it in.
99. I can not put on a happy face.
100. Finding the online romance reader community is one of the best things to happen to me. So many people I never would have known.


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  1. Ditto to what Ames said! It’s really interesting to read posts like these. Already, I feel like I know you a little better. 🙂

    I have to agree on your favourite movie also. I love Sweet Home Alabama. It’s one of my favourites also. Oh, and about winning a shopping spree in a bookstore? I was JUST wishing about that today while I was book shopping with my brothers girlfriend. *sigh* If only, huh?

  2. I loved reading the list!
    #16 – I totally agree and I hate when they do it in restaurants too.
    #28 – YES
    #36 – me too
    #55 I want to do that too
    #61 – how is that possible???
    #75 – yep
    #80 – ME TOO!

    I love these posts. I think they’re easy. I could do 100 more in about 3 minutes.

  3. I got sick on cheesies once when I was little, after eating a big spagetti supper – so imagine that. I’ve never been able to eat cheese since. But for some odd reason it doesn’t bother me to have small bits on pizza.

    LOL – once I got going it was a bit easier. And when I was finished I was doing stuff around the house and kept thinking of more.

  4. Very interesting list! I like reading these too. It’s always fun to see what people say. And it’s neat the things you’ll learn. 🙂

  5. LOL! Great list! Verra good. I don’t like cheese either. I thought I was the only one. LOL

    Sweet Home Alabama is such a great movie. Josh Lucas is so hot! I might have to dedicate a post to him. LOL

  6. Wow, this was a great read, I feel like I KNOW you now, Valeen and I’m a flirt too and I can be a bitch too…sometimes, I tried pot once too and I didn’t do it right cause I didn’t feel anything…LOL. I too, put a lot of stock in romance novels, that’s probably why I’m still single.

    I too, think it’s very interesting to read these kinds of post, it’s cool to read something you didnt know about the person…I like it!

  7. I’m allergic to pot. Nothing like trying it out in high school and ending up in the emergency room afterwards, eh? LOL

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